The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, November 25, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Soccer Takes Outdoor Spotlight
Soccer sponsors have been patient, in avoiding all conflict with football schedules in Bethlehem whenever possible. However, there were games that had to be played simply because the league moguls decreed. With the passing of the football season for another year, the outdoor winter sport to hold the center of the spotlight will be the booting game, and of these there will be quite a few attractive affairs presented on the Bethlehem Steel field. The first contest of real import will follow close on the heels of the gridiron season, when on Saturday the Steel Workers draw as their opponents here the strong Indiana Flooring eleven of New York City. Bethlehem Steel is sixth in the standing. The position, however, is not as low as it appears in print. The Steel Workers have played a good many games less than the foremost contenders for the league honors, and when they have caught up in their schedule will probably be up among the leaders fighting for first place.

The Thanksgiving Day Dish
The Steel Workers have little to be thankful for in drawing the New Bedford eleven for their Thanksgiving Day game, to be played on a New England pitch. It would have been more of a gift if it were Philadelphia or Newark, but in meeting New Bedford the Steel Workers clash with an eleven that is rapping at the door of Fall River for admission to first place in the club standing. The New Bedford clan has been the recent sensation in the American Soccer circuit. Over the weekend they crashed the title aspirations of Providence and advanced to the position held prior to the last weekend by Sam Fletcher's Whalers. There will be no distribution of gifts for the locals when Bethlehem opposes the New Englanders in the Turkey Day fracas.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club