The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, November 26, 1920
Steel Eleven at Quincy, Mass., Yesterday Lost Fine Exhibition Game.

The Fore River team scored a great victory over the Bethlehem Steel team, the former national champions, and considered the finest exponents of the sport in this country, winning by 3 to 2. The game was played at Quincy, Mass., before the largest crowd that ever witnessed a soccer game in that vicinity.

From the start, the game was full of brilliant plays. The kicking of the fullbacks was a feature. Some inside soccer seldom displayed in that section was displayed by the clever Bethlehem forwards. The Bethlehem players excelled in command of the ball. Wild kicking and dead passes are not in their bag of tricks and they possess a clever facility in picking up passes. Tommy Fleming excelled in this department. Ferguson showed clever defensive tactics. Parkinson and Littlejohn were not far behind.

Brittan, the new center forwards of the Bethlehem aggregation, played a great game. In less than five minutes after the game began, Fore River hand scored once and Bethlehem had tied the game. Inside 15 minutes four goals had been scored, which shows the pace the teams were traveling. The lineup:

Fore River -- Bethlehem
Lambic -- G -- Duncan
Parkins -- RFB - -Collier
Littlejohn -- LFB -- Ferguson
Churchley - -RHB -- Morrison
Greene - -CHB -- Campbell
Black -- LHB -- Bethune
J. Kershaw -- OR -- Wilson
Page -- IR -- Forrest
Jack Kershaw -- CF -- Brittan
Law -- IL -- Easton
Shepard -- OL -- Fleming
Final score -- Fore River, 3; Bethlehem, 2.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club