The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, November 26, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Not Missed
The recent desertion of three former Bethlehem soccer players failed to create the inroads feared in the strength of the team. In fact, using the expression of quite a few fans who witnessed the Bethlehem-Hakoah game on Saturday afternoon, "they were not missed." McClure, who took Edwards' position in goal, endeared himself tin the hearts of all local patrons with his sparkling work in the Hakoah game. One of his sensational exploits was to save on a penalty drive, an accomplishment by no means easy with a Schwartz behind the shot. And lest it be overlooked, don't forget that McClure also saved on a penalty drive in the Hispano game in New York on Sunday. As for Matt Wilson, many local followers have apparently changed their opinion of his capabilities. Given the opportunity to play a position in which he was groomed in the old country he made the patrons forget that Bethlehem ever had a Jimmy Barrie.

Were Home Town Visitors
Among the visitors to Bethlehem on Saturday afternoon were the Messrs. Edwards and the brother Barries, here to attend to a few matters before departing to permanently locate in New Bedford. To some of their former teammates they expressed themselves as being well satisfied with the New Bedford arrangements and proudly displayed contracts calling for a three-year term of service. Insofar as the contracts are concerned, New Bedford will no doubt have to remain intact for a period of three years to have the agreement fulfilled, and with the soccer controversy now at a heated stage, anything is likely to happen.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club