The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, November 26, 1928
Down Hakoah in Grueling Game Here and then Beat Hispano Away

The powerful Bethlehem soccer team, rolling along in high, smothered two Eastern Soccer League opponents over the weekend and continued its undefeated stride in the new soccer loop in piling up its eleventh straight win.

The New York Hakoah, successful in all its games against other member league clubs, went down to defeat in Bethlehem on Saturday afternoon 4 to 2 after a hard and spectacular game in which the enthusiasm of the spectators was the most pronounced that has been witnessed on the field this season. Then with victory in the first half of the dual weekend bill tucked away, the Bethlehem team journeyed to New York and defeated Hispano, 3 to 0.

Hakoah, First Victim

It was the second time this season Bethlehem met and defeated the Hakoah All-Stars of New York. In winning the games the Steelworkers were furnished with the stiffest opposition they ever experienced on the home lot. The locals had the best of the play in the first half which ended at 2-0 in their favor, but in the second half the Hakoahs scored evenly with the Bethlehem booters and displayed a better offensive.

The game was not without its rough spots, usually occasioned when two teams of championship caliber stack up against each other. Referee Mose Bloom was called upon no less than a score of times to settle personal arguments. In the first half he found it necessary to stop the game and call the players together. For a time all went well but in the second half the play became so heated at times that two Hakoah players and one Bethlehem player were ejected from the game for unnecessary roughness.

Bethlehem started off with a bang at the opening of the game. The Jewish stars had difficulty getting started and after ten minutes of fast play "Archie" Stark received a fast pass from Rollo on his head and twisted it into the goal. With one goal chalked up against them so early the Hakoahs seemed to suddenly wake up and started to display the brilliant offensive attack that has made them internationally famous. The Steelworkers were able to meet the occasion and aided by good work on the part of the backfield, who, from time to time broke up the Jewish attack, and fed the forwards the ball, advanced the ball once again into the Hakoah half of the field.

Bethlehem's second goal came as an indirect result of a blunder by the New York goalie. In stopping a drive from Stark the goalie became flustered at seeing Rollo dashing for him and dropped the ball, which rolled behind the line for a corner kick. Rollo kicked a beautiful corner kick and in the midst of the hot scrimmage which followed Gillespie drove the ball into the net.

In the second half Bethlehem once again started off with the characteristic rush and after several minutes of play Massie booted the ball in for Bethlehem's third goal from close range. This goal and another by Massie in the closing minutes of the game were made during the few times that the Bethlehemites were in their opponents territory. Most of the second half found the play centered near the Bethlehem goal with the entire Blue and White team playing a defensive game. Wortmann scored first for the Hakoahs soon after the second player on his team had been sent off the field for unnecessary roughness. His second tally was made in the closing minutes of the game. Both shots were long hard drives that were well nigh impossible to stop. The players ruled off were Jaap of Bethlehem and Nicholasburger and Gutemann of the visitors.

The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- Hakoah
McClure -- G -- Fisher
Wilson -- RFB -- Gross
Ferguson -- LFB -- Kilgman
Reid -- RHB -- Nichoalsburger
Carnihan -- CHB -- Gutemann
McGregor -- LHB -- Drucker
Gillespie -- OR -- Schwartz
Jaap -- IR -- Hauesler
Stark -- CF -- Wortmann
Massie -- IL -- Eisenhoffer
Rollo -- OL -- Gruenwald
Score by periods: Hakoah F. C. 0 -- 2-2

Substitutions: Fabian for Fisher. Referee: Mose Bloom. Linesmen: Carpenter and Williams. Goals: Stark 2 Massie, Gillespie; Wortman 2.

Hispano Whitewashed

Bethlehem made it eleven straight in the league campaigning on Sunday, defeating the Hispano Football Club on the latter's field at Astoria, Long Island, by the score of 3 to 0. The Hispano put up a great game in the first period and held the famous Bethlehem team scoreless up to half-time. The Hispano team missed a great chance to capture the lead when they failed on a penalty, which McClure, of Bethlehem stopped.

From a pass by Jaap on the right, Massie shot the first goal of the game after fifteen minutes of play in the second period. Gillespie, with an assist from Robertson, drove in the second fifteen minutes later. Mulhall went through again near the close, with Robertson lending a hand. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Hispano
McClure -- G -- Thompson
Wilson -- RFB -- Prenter
Carnihan -- LFB -- Macado
McGregor -- RHB -- Robertson
Reid -- CHB -- B. Thompson
Horning -- LHB -- Patterson
Jaap -- OR -- Healey
Mulhall -- IR -- Mullenstein
Gillespie -- CF -- Miller
Rollo -- IL -- Crilley
Massie -- OL -- McGowen
Goals: Mulhall 2, Gillespie. Substitutions - -Bethlehem: Robertson for Reid. Referee: C. Creighton. Linesmen: P. J. McGlone and George Currie. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Soccer Sidelights

Very few cup tie games could equal the intensity of play displayed when the Hakoahs and Bethlehem fought on the Lehigh field Saturday afternoon when the Hakoahs and Bethlehem fought it out. This was the first appearance of the Jewish stars in Bethlehem in a league game and incidentally the best kind of soccer was played by the visitors.

In spite of defeat the Hakoahs had the local league leaders considerably worried and a sigh of relief was heaved when the final whistle blew. Of the fair sized crowd which witnessed the game, the unanimous opinion was that the Jewish soccerites are capable of just as good soccer as Bethlehem's coterie of stars.

The visitors came in for no little razing and booing by the fans. This was in large measure due to their particularly rough tactics which they exhibited along with their unusual soccer skill. Bethlehem was not altogether free from being guilty of roughness, but were not so persistent and frequent with their infractions.

In the second half little "Johnny" Jaap, inside right for Bethlehem, and Guttmann, lanky center halfback for the Hakoahs, were suspended from further play during the game with about twenty-five minutes to go. Both players had been having difficulty getting along throughout the game and when their argument started to develop into a display of fisticuffs the referee decided that they had enough . A few minutes later Nicholasburger another halfback for the Hakoahs, was ordered off the field.

Edwards, former Bethlehem goalie, who deserted the locals to join unorganized soccer on the eve of the important game with the Hakoahs, was not missed. McClure, reserve goalkeeper, who was moved up to the first string after Edwards desertion, gave as good a display of what a goal custodian should do.

Not only did he make several brilliant saves, but on one occasion particularly he rose to great heights. A penalty was awarded to Schwartz just before the end of the first half. Schwarz had a record for possessing a mean kick and is rarely known to flunk on a penalty. With a terrific boot he sent the ball whizzing forward the one side of the Bethlehem goal. McClure seemed to throw his body at the ball and although he was unable to keep his feet, he stopped the drive. Schwarz dashed in to complete his job but Rollo, also dashed in and met his second drive, thus depriving the Hakoahs of a certain goal.

The backfield, which had also been supposedly hit by the desertion of the Barries, gave a better performance than any combination that played on the Lehigh field this year. It was the good work of Wilson and "Jock" Ferguson, the latter a veteran of many years, which kept the Hakoahs from scoring more than two goals in the second half.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club