The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Monday, November 29, 1926

With the second half of the American Soccer League scheduled completed up to and including January 30, the Bethlehem team, national champions and American Soccer League leaders, are listed for an even dozen games, five of which will be played at home and seven away from home. Following is the schedule of the home and away games for Bethlehem.

Home Games
Dec. 11 Bethlehem vs. Brooklyn.
Dec. 25 Bethlehem vs. New Bedford.
Jan. 1 Bethlehem vs. New Bedford.
Jan. 8 Bethlehem vs. Coats.
Jan. 15 Bethlehem vs. Giants.

Away Games
Dec. 5 Providence vs. Bethlehem.
Dec. 18 New Bedford vs. Bethlehem.
Dec. 19 Indiana vs. Bethlehem.
Jan. 9 Brooklyn vs. Bethlehem.
Jan. 22 Springfield vs. Bethlehem.
Jan. 23 Fall River vs. Bethlehem.
Jan. 29 Philadelphia vs. Bethlehem.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club