The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, November 30, 1925
Soccer Team Wins Easily in Game on the Home Lot Saturday

Early in the season, Indiana Flooring invaded Bethlehem and gave the Steel Workers their first defeat of the season in the American Soccer League race. The victory was one of the few that outsiders have captured on the home lot of the Bethlehem clan.

On Saturday afternoon the New York floor makers paid their second official visit to Bethlehem and, after ninety minutes of playing, Bethlehem not only avenged their previous setback with a 4 to 1 victory, but proved complete master of the game.

Steel Workers Speedy

With the exception of the one goal scored by Schylander, Highfield, the elongated Bethlehem goalie, who returned between the uprights for the first time in weeks, had a comparatively easy day in comparison to the work of Renzulli, the Indiana custodian. In the first half, Highfield was called upon on a very few occasions and although Indiana did more attacking in the second half, their forward movements seldom developed to a threatening stage.

The two Johns, Rollo and Granger, were back in their positions on the Bethlehem forward line. It was their first home appearance since injured a number of weeks ago, but their long absence seem to have little or no effect on the timing or combination of the front liners. Rollo was the same elusive trickster, constantly worrying the Indiana defense with his deceptive passing. He played no favorites, swinging his long passes to Forrest on the right, or if bottled in this direction, shoved the ball ahead to Goldie on the left. Stark and granger, too, contributed to this style of playing and while the Bethlehem center forwards went through the game without notching a single goal, his coworkers on the front line contributed enough to register a decisive victory.

No Severe Casualties

Bethlehem won the toss and elected to play with the wind and sun at their backs. A stiff gale sprung up during the game and continued throughout. From the kickoff Bethlehem became the aggressor and in three minutes notched the first goal. The score came off the toe of Johnny Rollo, with a beautiful shot from about twenty-five yards which landed in the corner of the net, barely escaping the lunge of Renzulli.

A free kick for handling from midfield paved the way for Bethlehem's second goal. The ball was passed to Rollo, the latter shoving it over to Goldie, and the speedy Bethlehemite slashed across a pass that could not have been more perfect. The ball went sailing across in front of the goal mouth to Granger, who headed through.

On Bethlehem's third goal it was again a beautiful cross from Goldie that made it possible. Stark and Rollo brought the ball down the center and then, when drawing the defense toward them, Rollo slipped the ball to the waiting Goldie. Goldie's cross was again perfect to Forrest, who came dashing in and headed it into the net.

Before the half ended, Bethlehem scored again and, incidentally, it was the last of the game. Bethlehem was pressing but it looked as if their efforts were for naught, when a pass threatened to go over the touchline. However, Rollo gave chase and trapping the ball, wheeled around and crossed to the goal mouth, where Forrest was again in position to tip it into the net.

The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- Indiana Flooring
Highfield -- G -- Renzulli
Berryman -- RFB -- Levin
Allan -- LFB -- McIntosh
McDonald -- RHB -- Gallagher
Carnihan -- CHB -- Terris
MacGregor -- LHB -- Cameron
Forrest -- OR -- McClure
Granger -- IR -- Schylander
Stark -- CF -- Carlson
Rollo -- IL -- Millar
Goldie -- OL -- McGhee
Goals: Rollo, Granger, Forrest 2, Schylander. Linesmen, Purvis for Bethlehem, Murray for Indiana. Referee, J. Coutts. Time of halves 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club