The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Friday, November 30, 1928
Revised Schedule Gives Locals a Home League Game on Saturday

With the college and school football schedules completed there will be no major sports attraction in Bethlehem on Saturday afternoon to conflict with the soccer game to be waged on the former Bethlehem Steel athletic field when the local booters engage the New York Giants in an Eastern Soccer League game.

The Bethlehem team was threatened to be without a home game until the latter part of the week when a revised schedule was arranged and the Giants ordered to come here for their league battle. In sending the Giants to Bethlehem, soccer fans will see the locals in action against one of the strongest teams in the new league.

Andy Stevens, stormy petrel of American League soccer, will be seen in Giant uniform in the new league on Saturday afternoon. Stevens quite New Bedford to join the Giants and is regarded by many as the best center forward in the country, although local fans are of the opinion that there are none better than Archie Stark.

The new Giant center is the type of player who is always working hard and his aggressive tactics have more than once occasioned the warning of the referee. His style of playing is a treat to watch and a threat at all times. With Stevens on the forward line will be another package of speed and aggressiveness in Davy Brown, the diminutive wing forward, who after being shunted around several clubs in the American Soccer League is again back with the team with which he gained his greatest fame as a soccer player.

The game with the Giants is the first of the two hard contests listed for over the weekend. On Sunday Bethlehem will journey to New York where the I. R. T. Rangers will be the opponent.

With a record of eleven straight and the only undefeated team in the Eastern Soccer League, Bethlehem will strive to keep the slate clean of any setbacks and with this in mind the Giants are assured a hard-fighting and determined opponent.

For the fullback vacancy Matt Wilson is certain to be the regular in that position. Wilson convinced with his display last weekend that the management had probably made a mistake in not playing him more regularly. Previously he was more often used as a reserve on the halfback line, but the position he is now playing is the one he is most accustomed to, having starred as a fullback before coming to this country. With Allen in shape and Wilson quite capable, the center half line with MacGregor, Carnihan and Reid can be kept intact.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club