The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, December 1, 1919
Local Champions Now Entered in Fourth Round of Great Soccer Classic -- Philadelphia Players Failed to Become Hard Contenders That Was Expected They Would Be.


by Sita Dell
By defeating Disston A. A., at Philadelphia on Saturday in the third round of the American Cup competition by the score of four goals to none, the Bethlehem Steel soccer champions advanced one more step nearer the coveted honors. The Sawmakers were outplayed and out-generalled all through the contest and only in flashes did they show to any advantage. Usually the Disstons give the champions one of their hardest battles of the season but in Saturday's contest they did not put up the battle that was expected of them and Bethlehem had a comparatively easy time. That the score was not doubled was probably due to the indifference of the Bethlehem forward line in the second half, all five forwards being apparently satisfied with the four goal lead.

Bethlehem won the toss but no advantage was gained thereby but the locals were soon in the vicinity of Maginness. Two off-side rulings against Harris relieved the pressure for Disston, and in a breakaway Malley shot past. The Bethlehem left wing carried the ball up the field with fine football but Fleming's parting shot was poor. McKelvey forced a corner and Campbell headed past. Pepper forced another corner and Fleming opened the scoring with a shot that caromed off Hossack as he attempted to clear. Bethlehem was now master of the situation and Pepper soon made the score two to none on a nice pass from Easton. Disston tried hard to get within shooting range of Duncan but the Bethlehem defense was to strong and the play was soon in Disston territory with the defense making strenuous efforts to prevent the Bethlehem forwards from settling down into the dangerous zone. But despite all their efforts Maginness was the busiest man on the field and he could not be blamed when Harris added the third goal on a cross by McKelvey. Bethlehem now seemed content to display cleverness instead of aggressiveness with the result that Maginness had a respite and half time arrived with the score three to none in favor of Bethlehem.

Bethlehem took up the attack but offside spoiled several opportunities and Disston began to look dangerous for the first time in the game. Several poor clearances by Wilson gave the left wing more freedom than seemed necessary with the result that Duncan had to be on the alert to stop shots from Cleary and Malley. Campbell and Ferguson were covering splendidly when the danger seemed greatest and due to their fine work the ball was soon transferred to the other end and Harris hit the bar with a great shot and Fleming scored on the rebound. This goal seemed to make the Steel Workers content with the work accomplished . This caused the game to drag for the greater part of the second half. With fifteen minutes to go Disston made a fine effort to score but the Bethlehem defense was now working better and any shots that reached Duncan lacked the necessary sting and in the closing minutes Bethlehem again took up the attack and Pepper sent over the bar from a difficult angle.

The final whistle found the ball in Disston territory.

Bethlehem -- Disston
Duncan -- G -- Maginness
Jim Wilson -- RFB -- Hossack
Ferguson -- LFB -- McEwen
Wm. Morrison -- RHB -- Small
Campbell -- CHB -- Rodgers
Murray -- LHB -- McDonald
McKelvey -- OR -- Matthews
Pepper -- IR -- Andrews
Harris -- CF -- Gortley
Easton -- IL -- Cleary
Fleming -- OL -- Malley
Referee -- James Walder. Linesmen -- Fletcher for Bethlehem, Young and Wood for Disston. Time of halves -- 45 minutes. Goals for Bethlehem -- Pepper, Harris, Fleming, Rodgers (put through own goal).

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club