The Globe – Bethlehem
Monday, December 2, 1918
On Snow Covered Field Saturday Steel Eleven Grabs a 2 to 0 Victory.

On a snow covered field the Bethlehem F. C. soccer champions of the United States on Saturday defeated a specially selected Canadian team at Toronto before the largest crowd ever gathered to attend a soccer contest in Canada. The victory came in the second half when the Steel Workers managed to register two goals to their visitor’s none.

The talent selected to oppose the Bethlehem F. C. was the cream of the experts in the booting game developed in Toronto, the Queen City of Canada and although their efforts were desperate in attempting to check the onrushes of the Steel Workers they proved futile in the final half when the scientific game adopted by the winners completely dazed the Canadians. The defeat maintained at Newark, N. J., on Sunday, two weeks prior, made the Canadians anxious for a return game to which the champions readily submitted and again proved their superiority by scoring the second victory in as many weeks. The game with the Merchant A team in Bethlehem the Saturday before put the Steel Workers on their mettle to again garner the laurels in the game with the Canadians.

Probably never before has the Bethlehem Steel team played before a larger or more enthusiastic crowd. Cup games have always proved monster attractions but never anything to surpass the turnout of the Canadians. There was a record attendance for a soccer crowd in Canada, notwithstanding the weather conditions were anything but favorable. Rain spoiled the first game at Newark, but it was snow that marred Saturday’s contest at Toronto.

While the weather conditions most certainly affected the attendance, it is reported that ten thousand or more enthusiasts braved the storm to see the champions in action. The snow stared to fall early in the morning and continued till near the start of the game, with the result that the splendid field of the Toronto University was covered to the depth of several inches, and the footing was rendered very treacherous and unadapted to a good display of football.

The Canadians in their first game at Newark thought they had detected the weakness of the Bethlehem squad and in the meantime strengthened their team with players who it was thought could cope with the champions’ style of play and bring victory in the return game. The Bethlehem team also showed somewhat different from the team that won the first game. Harry Ratican, who was indisposed for several weeks on account of illness, returned to the game and played center forward, his old position, vacated by “Jimmy” Easton who was injured in the game with the Bristol shipbuilders. Fred Pepper who also just recovered from an injury went back to his old position at left half back. Butler being transferred to inside right. The changes on the Toronto team included two new backs and altogether was considered a better eleven than played at Harrison Field.

The game was fraught with excitement from the start, the Canadians going into their work in a manner which for a short time rather upset the United States champions. Duncan was, however, able to negotiate all the shots that were sent into him, although one gave him some trouble. The Toronto team played in a manner which raised the hopes of their many supporters, but it was quite evident that the Bethlehem eleven were reserving their energies until the second half. Their relied on their defense being able to keep their goal in tact and at periods the forwards made brilliant dashes for the opposing goal. Play was of the most interesting character and thoroughly enjoyed by the immense crowd. When the interval arrived without any scoring the verdict was that the teams had under the bad ground conditions put up a splendid display. The Toronto defense was the outstanding feature of their tam and deserve credit for the manner in which they kept the clever Bethlehem forwards from scoring.

The second half was quite different for during the whole 45 minutes the Bethlehem champions were superior and their play delighted the onlookers. It was some time, however, ere the scoring opened, but when the ice was broken it was well deserved. Forrest, the inside left, accepted a ball placed to his foot, and making no mistake, let drive leaving the Toronto goal keeper no chance to save. Toronto made many tries to get the equalizer, but the Bethlehem defense held them safely and Duncan was not given any excused for anxiety. McKelvey sco0red a second goal some time later from a different angle. This proved to be the last of the scoring, and Bethlehem ran out winners most deservedly after the game which was greatly appreciated by the crowd.

The winners were given quite an ovation and were voted a splendid all-round team.

The winners were awarded a valuable cup.

Toronto -- Bethlehem
Halliwell -- G -- Duncan
Campbell -- RFB -- Fletcher
Brownlee -- LFB -- Ferguson
Acourt -- RHB -- Kirkpatrick
Worrall -- CHB -- Campbell
Brown (Capt.) -- LHB -- Pepper
Barron -- OR -- McKelvey
Hamilton -- IR -- Butler
Herring – C.F. – Ratican
Forsythe – I. L – Forrest
Jackson – O.L. – Fleming

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club