The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, December 2, 1920
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Steel Workers Barred in Canada
Pending action of the States renouncing soccer affiliations with Scandinavia and Germany, the Bethlehem Steel soccer team will be prohibited from playing a series of exhibition games in Canada which it is believed was proposed for this year. Relative to barring the Steel Workers or, in fact, any other American team from participation in Canada, a press dispatch says:

"Under heading Bethlehem soccer team taboo here today's Toronto Globe says: "The Bethlehem soccer team will not be brought to Canada for the game as proposed. It was intended to have the celebrated Pennsylvania soccer side come to Toronto for a match, but delegates, at a meeting, decided that until such time as the United States soccer governing bodies renounces its affiliation with Scandinavia and Germany, such a match is impossible."

Countries that have withdrawn from the organization are France, Belgium, Great Britain and Canada.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club