The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Thursday, December 2, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Mid-Season Swapping
There is quite a bit of player swapping going on among the American Soccer League clubs in the New England district. One is kept dizzy trying to remember who is who on the respective clubs. They are trading in hopes of strengthening their outfits to keep the league title intact in the New England district. One of the latest deals consummated is the purchase of Harold Brittan, former Bethlehem-Fall River and New Bedford center forward, by Sam Fletcher’s Providence club. This announcement comes as a surprise as it was generally understood that when Brittan left Fall River to join New Bedford he did so after purchasing an interest in the club. Harold is not taking kindly to the way he is being pushed around and thus far has flatly refused to join Providence. Strange, too, that New Bedford should let Brittan go when up in third place in the club standing. Perhaps the fact that Brittan’s name is not included with the twelve highest individual scorers may have had something to do with the selling transaction.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club