The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Friday, December 3, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

A Poetic Soccer Enthusiast
Robert Stark, a red hot soccer enthusiast, is the literary genius who makes a contribution to this column today, choosing for his acrostic the Bethlehem Soccer Club. By way of introduction, Robert Stark is the father of Archie Stark, dashing Bethlehem forward. He resides in Newark and his literary contributions reflects the interest manifest in the Bethlehem team by Newark fans. His offering follows:

While life goes pulsing on its way and we are carried on,
In rapture with the many games our heart is set upon;
Life shows the vagrant ups and downs of battle on the field,
Lest we forget that our pet team may be the one to yield.

In fancy we can see our boys trip on a famous blue,
And feel no matter what the odds, that they’ll come victors thru,
My soul goes soaring when I see these clever boys of steel,
Lead in the fight and know the joys that worthy foemen feel.

Until some genius arrives who’ll chose with eerie skill,
The Bethlehems will play the game and always head the hill.
Hard play, the most unkindly knocks, or tricks of any kind,
Each sees us coming out on top as if it were designed.

Rouse then ye men the flag you hold is yours to hand along;
Lost to be no fiber of your soul and keep your courage strong.
Ere many weeks can come and go the fates will call on you,
Will show that victory is your goal and that your aim is true.

I see you once again supreme, they cannot touch your hem,
Second to none! All praise be yours, my gallant Bethlehem.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club