The Globe -- Bethlehem
December 5, 1924
Steel Soccer Center Forward Tops List With 10 Goals Over Nearest Rival

A valuable cog in the Bethlehem Steel front line is Archie Stark, who soccer patrons will witness in the game against New York Giants tomorrow afternoon. He is the leading goal scorer in the circuit. It can readily be understood why Indiana Flooring, who assumed the New York F. C. franchise, protested the transfer of Stark to Bethlehem, but which protest after being aired by the league executives was thrown out and Stark came legitimately to the Bethlehem Steel machine.

Stark, with a total of twenty-seven goals compiled in eighteen games is topping the list with a margin of ten. His nearest competition is A. Stevens of Boston, who is second with 17 goals. Other high individual scorers are: Harold Brittan, Fall River, 15; J. Best, Providence, 15; R. Drummond, Coats, 14; J. Nelson, Brooklyn, 10; J. Purvis, Fleisher Yarn, 10; A. Stradan, Fleisher Yarn, 9; H. Carlson, Indiana Flooring 9; R. Perry, Coats, 7; H. McGowan, Fall River, 7; T. Abdullah, Providence, 7.

The weekend schedule follows:

Saturday Games
At Philadelphia, Fleisher Yarn vs. Fall River; Referee, Walders.

At Bethlehem, Bethlehem Steel vs. N. Y. Giants; Referee, George Young.

At Boston, Boston F. C. vs. J & P Coats; Referee, Lambie.

At Providence, Providence F. C. vs. New Bedford; Referee, Mills.

Sunday Games
At New York, Indiana Flooring vs. Fall River; Referee, Oates.

At Newark, Newark F. C. vs. Fleisher Yarn; Referee, Cunningham.

At Brooklyn, Brooklyn F. C. vs. Philadelphia; Referee, McCabe.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club