The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, December 7, 1920
Soccer Notes

The second round American Cup game between Dobson F. C. and Bethlehem Steel, which will be replayed on Saturday next at Bethlehem Steel field, will give local fans their first opportunity of seeing the Steel Workers in a cup contest this season, and a real game should be witnessed.

Dobson has been the sensation of the season and is undoubtedly the best team in the Philadelphia district and its victory over such teams as Paterson and Disston ranks it in a class with the best in the National League. The Steel Workers were disappointed in not wining last Saturday. The American Cup is the second best bet in soccer honors and the Steel Workers have the ability to bring the trophy back to Bethlehem.

There will be one or two changes in the Bethlehem lineup on Saturday and it is expected that the changes will add to the offensive strength of the team.

The "feud" of the Wilsons will be continued on Saturday and they will start off on even terms as neither party to the battle can lay claim to the honors.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club