The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, December 8, 1919
Also Fines Several -- Announces Cup Tie Draw -- Ban Placed on Field

Suspension as well as fines in generous measure were handed out by the national challenge cup committee of the United States Football Association, in session yesterday for five consecutive hours at the Hotel Astor, New York, Lieut.-Col. G. R. Manning presiding. Careful consideration of the evidence in connection with the cup game between Robins Dry Dock and the Federal Ship Yards team at Clark's field in Newark a week before, when the referee, after being assaulted, was forced to call the game on account of the inrush of the crowd, took up most of the time. As a result of the deliberations the game was awarded to Robins Dry Dock, which was leading by 3 to 2, when play stopped.

A ban was placed upon Clark's field, the scene of many historic contests, to the effect that no U. S. F. A. cup games be played there until further notice. The Federal Club was severely reprimanded for its failure to take adequate measures for the protection of players and officials.

Two players, David Muir, captain, and John Ward of the Federals were suspended for assault, the former indefinitely and the latter for four weeks. Andrew York, the home team's lineman, who undertook to chastise one of the visiting players, was also suspended indefinitely.

Paterson's protest of the cup game with New York at Olympic field was not upheld, the Jerseymen having been clearly outplayed, but New York was fined for inadequate ground arrangements. Both clubs were fined for failure to start on time. Andrews of the Disston A. A. was suspended for four weeks.

The drawings for the third round of the cup competition, to be played on or before Dec. 28, resulted as follows:

Eastern Division -- Bethlehem vs. New York Ship F. C. or J. J. Dobson A. A. F. C., Babcock & Wilcox vs. Newburgh Shipyards, Robins Dry Dock vs. Tebo yacht Basin, Bridgeport City vs. Wanderers F. C., New York F. C. vs. Erie A. A.

New England Division -- United Shoe F. C. vs. New Haven, Fore River F. C. vs. J & P Coats F. C., Lynn Thistles or Squantum F. C. vs. Fall River Rovers.

Northwestern New York -- Rochester City Moose F. C. vs. Oneida Community or McNaughton Rangers.

Western -- Palmer Park vs. Olympia, Bricklayers of Chicago vs. Lincoln Park, Ben Miller vs. Scullin Steel F. C., Caledonia vs. Pontiac City Vikings, Rising Star or Detroit vs. Packard F. C. Cleveland Bricklayers vs. Goodyear F. C., Pittsburgh Terminal vs. McKeesport.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club