The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
December 8, 1922
Harrison F. C. Shut Out 3 to 0 in American League Contest Saturday.

By Sita Dell
Bethlehem Steel advanced to the top of the American League table on Saturday when the team defeated Harrison F. C. on Steel Field by the score of three goals to none. In the first half, play was evenly divided, both goals being visited in turn with the Steel Workers having the better opportunities to score. Poor shooting and violations of the offside rule spoiled many chances to register.

The second half found the Steel Workers at their best and three goals were chalked up against the visitors and all of them were well earned. The Harrison vanguard seldom got in a shot that was troublesome to Kerr the Bethlehem goalkeeper. The latter was well guarded by the full backs and half backs who showed a thorough understanding of team work, particularly in covering up. It was this understanding that took the sting out of the Harrison attack.. Campbell and Goldie were the star forwards. Faulds got two of the three goals and his trapping and passing to Campbell had much to do with the effectiveness of the latter. McFarlane substituted for McNiven who was injured in the Brooklyn game and besides scoring the opening goal he was always a source of danger to the Harrison defense. McAvoy did well at inside left considering it was his first appearance in the Bethlehem lineup.

For Harrison Fletcher, Campbell, Post and Brown were best. The latter spoiled his work by shooting when centering was the logical thing to do.

Bethlehem started off the second half with a rush and they were soon within shooting range of Douglas but too much elaboration spoiled chances to register. However, after 15 minutes, of play during which the Harrison defense displayed sound football McFarlane opened the scoring from 20 yards range with a shot that found the corner of the net well beyond the reach of Douglas. Harrison tried hard to initiate an attack that would yield the equalizing goal but the individual efforts of the forwards was useless against the covering tactics of the Bethlehem defense and play was mostly confined to Harrison territory. After 25 minutes of play Bethlehem started a determined bombardment that ended in Fauld scoring the second goal on a cross from Goldie. Harrison never relaxed their efforts to score and two corners looked dangerous but the Bethlehem defense was too strong and the danger was averted. In the closing minutes the Harrison defense was continually in action and the brilliant football of the Bethlehem forwards and half backs was much enjoyed by the spectators. Ten minutes from the finish Goldie sent over a beautiful center and Fauld again dented the net with a shot that was too much for Douglas The Steel Workers now seemed satisfied with the score and contented themselves with clever passing and the game ended in a well-earned victory for the locals by the score of three goals to none. The lineup:

Harrison F. C. -- Bethlehem
Douglas -- G -- Kerr
Fletcher -- RFB -- Young
Post -- LFB -- Ferguson
Rhody -- RHB -- Rattray
J. Campbell -- CHB -- Raeside
Ford -- LBH -- Terris
Scott -- OR -- D. Campbell
McCartin - -IR -- Fauld
Hartnett - -CF -- McFarlane
Ingram -- IL -- McAvoy
Brown -- OL -- Goldie
Linesmen -- J. Ward. Refereee -- John Walders. Linesman -- J. Easton.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club