The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, December 8, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Figured on the Percentage Basis
In baseball and good many other sports the standing of clubs is figured on a percentage basis. Soccer is one of the few games in which the arrangement of the teams is slightly different and which, however, totals up the same when the schedules are concluded and each team has played an equal number of games. Attention is called to this system of ranking clubs due to a misunderstanding seemingly prevalent among soccer fans who take too seriously the position of the Bethlehem team, which is fifth in the league table, and which, figured on a percentage basis, should really have the Steel Workers up second battling to oust Fall River from the league leading position. The standing of the clubs is decided by points, two of which are contributed to the total of the victorious team while in the event of a draw the points are shared. In glancing over the standing of the clubs it is noted that Bethlehem has had less points taken away from the team then any other club in the league excepting Fall River, the leader. Therefore, the Steel Workers are by no means an outsider in their battle for league supremacy. In fact their weekend crusade to the New England states may have a material bearing on the standing of the teams.

The Crucial Test
When on the subject of soccer it is timely to refer to the invasion of the Steel Workers of the New England states over the coming weekend. The outcome of this trip threatens to prove a dominant factor in the destiny of the club for this season. To the local followers and no doubt the management and players it is the crucial test in which a brace of victories would mean bushels in elevating the Bethlehem clan in their league standing position. Tackling J & P Coats on Saturday afternoon, with the thread spinners playing on their home field and before a home crowd is by no means an easy obstacle to overcome. The Steel Workers then move to Fall River on Sunday for a setto with their heated rivals. The Brittan gang will go into the game with the breaks for it gets Bethlehem at home after a game that promises to be a hard fought affair at Pawtucket the day previous. However, at this stage of the season the player are well conditioned to go the marathon route and with capable reserves to fill in if need be. In spite of the sensational campaign of the league leaders, Bethlehem players and management are quite optimistic.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club