The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, December 9, 1919
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Not Very Well Pleased with Steel Workers Showing
While the Bethlehem Steel Workers annexed the victory in the first round of the National Cup competition on Saturday, one of the officials of the local team remarked after the game that he was not any too well pleased with their showing. "From all appearance they lacked in physical condition," he said, "and team that faced Paterson on Saturday did not look as good as the team that closed last season after winning a triple championship." With Robins Dry Dock running riot in all games played this season, the champions cannot afford to take any chances, in the contention of the local admirers. To defeat the Robins, Bethlehem must be at their best and even at that every indication is that the players must extend themselves to their utmost to win the honors. The campaigning of the Robins was at first believed to have been a lucky spurt being better conditioned for the early season games. However, the consistency with which they are mowing down their opponents has resulted in a change of opinion and credit is given for all the victories based entirely on merit. Furthermore, the Robins have by no means been taking the weaker opponents in camp but have registered victories over the strongest clubs, such as Federal F. C., New York F. C. and several other.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club