The Globe -- Bethlehem
December 9, 1924
Local Steel Eleven Determined To Throw Hooks Into Coats Team Saturday.

Having recovered from the unexpected setback at the hands of the New York Giants on Saturday afternoon, the Bethlehem Steel soccer team started preparations for the invasion of the J & P Coats eleven which will invade the Steel Field for an American League game on Saturday afternoon. Long sessions of practices are assured this week in bringing the Steel Workers back to their natural form, sessions which will no doubt be punctuated in developing accuracy when in the vicinity of the goal.

Although defeated, the local clan are not discouraged but probably more determined than ever to grab back the two points lost on Saturday afternoon which resulted in dropping to third place in the league standing. However, in meeting the Pawtucket aggregation the Steel Workers collided with a team that is every bit as formidable, if not more so, than the N. Y. Giants and a club t hat is banging away but one notch below the local clan in the American Soccer League race.

Among the celebrities with the Pawtucket team are Captain Stevenson, reputed to be one of the strongest backs in the country and one that is familiar with the style of play of the Bethlehem forwards. On the forward line will be Drummond, a flashy and accurate shooting inside right who in a recent game against the Steel Workers scored three of the four goals notched by the Coats team and almost single handed was responsible for the Bethlehem defeat. A recent addition to the forward line is Hogg. The latter has been in this country but a short time but in the two games played with the Coats team has more than proven his worth.

Bethlehem will oppose the Pawtucket visitors determined to avenge the 4 to 3 defeat sustained on the recent trip to the New England states, a trip that deprived the Steel Workers of first place in the league, losing to Fall River the day following. A victory over Pawtucket will again assure the local patrons that the Bethlehems have struck their stride.

Although the defeat at the hands of the Giants on Saturday somewhat impeded the progress of the local clan in the Soccer League it is believed it did the sport a world of good in Bethlehem. Lovers of outdoor recreation want competition on more equal basis and the result of the league campaigning thus far has practically convinced them that such competition is assured in all league games. The day of the great superiority of any individual team is over and with merit more equally distributed no victories are certain until the final whistle.

Against Coats the local clan will again be deprived of the services of Goldie, the outside left. The latter is slowly recovering from an injured back and will hardly be able to again don the harness for another several weeks. Unless changes are made in the lineup, changes that are highly probable, Arthur Robertson will again be called upon to fill the vacancy.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club