Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, December 9, 1929
Alec Massie Notches Two of the Three Goals Giving his Mates a Victory.

Another game played by the Bethlehem soccer team where the final numerals of 3 to 1 do not accurately describe the run of the play was waged on Lehigh field on Saturday afternoon when the homesters emerged triumphant over Pawtucket. After the opening minute of their initial kickoff Bethlehem completely monopolized the run of the game, overwhelming the visitors in every respect.

The Pawtucket goal, with Findley Kerr, one-time popular Bethlehem custodian, was the target of a vigorous and constant attack, but in spite of the barrage of shots directed into that direction, but three found their mark.

Drives with rifle speed bounding off the boot of Alec Massie, blond-topped inside forward, accounted for two of Bethlehem's goals, while the odd tally came as a reward to the dogged persistence of Tommy Gillespie late in the game. The lone tally scored by the visitors was in the form of a gift, notched by Harvie on a spot kick..

Massie, Purgavie and Gillespie were the forwards who seemed able to hit their stride and this trio provided plenty of trouble for the visitors' defense. Purgavie, whose centering was again a feature of the game, had several excellent opportunities to score, but seemed to carry the ball too far and then usually found Kerr directly in the path of his hard drives.

On the opening kick-off the visitors broke away and McGregor, playing another speedy and sterling game at fullback, accidentally handled. The ball was placed for a spot kick and Harvie located a low sizzling shot into the corner of the net.

From then on it was all Bethlehem, Massie shooting bye with a terrific shot an instant latter. Bethlehem continued pressing and Gillespie was denied a goal when Kerr batted down a corner kick. Before the visiting goalie could return to his position, Gillespie shot into what seemed an open goal, but the Pawtucket left back bobbed up on the scene to clear.

In spite of this steady bombardment it was not until after thirty minutes that Bethlehem scored the equalizing tally. Purgavie centered and Massie, without a moment's hesitation, whipped around and met the ball square. He shot from eighteen yards and Kerr was helpless on the shot, making no effort to save. A minute later Bethlehem went into the lead, Reid taking the ball up center and placing to Massie, who again located the target. Bethlehem held this one goal lead as the half ended.

The visitors were late in appearing and with darkness threatening, the customary rest interval was dispensed with and play immediately resumed. The second half was virtually a repetition of the first half with shots flying thick and fast, but not any finding the net until Gillespie, with a beautiful solo effort broke through. Kerr left his post but Gillespie beat him and with a deft little touch, swerved the ball around him and into the net.

Malcolm Goldie did not appear with the visitors. Although he played a game with Pawtucket, it is understood that he has not signed and it is doubtful if he will. The lineup:

Pawtucket -- Bethlehem
Kerr -- G -- Beveridge
Martin -- RFB -- McDonald
McArthur -- LFB -- McGregor
McAvoy -- RHB -- Reid
Perry -- CHB -- Carnihan
Doyle -- LHB -- Pitt
Harvie -- OR -- Dick
Asoden -- IR -- Henighen
Barlow -- CF -- Gillespie
McKechnie -- IL -- Massie
Best -- OL -- Purgavie
Goals: Harvie (penalty), Massie 2, Gillespie. Substitutions: Rollo for Henighen. Referee: John Walders, Philadelphia. Linesmen, Fred Pepper and John Young. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club