The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, December 10, 1920
Soccer Notes

Everything is in readiness for the second round American Cup game, at Bethlehem Steel field tomorrow, between the Dobson F. C. of Philadelphia and Bethlehem Steel F. C. Both teams have been under special training for the game and neither team should have an advantage in regards to physical condition. The Dobson team will arrive in Bethlehem at 12:48 p.m. and will be accompanied by a large delegation of rooters. The probable lineup will be as follows. Dobson -- Ehrline, Howley, Wilson, Welsh, Brooks, Walker, Grogan, Foster, Burgin, Hemingway, and Brown. Bethlehem lineup -- Duncan or Easton, Collier, Ferguson, Bethune or Murray, Campbell, Morrison, Wilson, Satterwaite, Brittan, Forrest and Fleming. Referee -- Mr. T. Scott, of Philadelphia: A. F. A. Delegate, J. H. Carpenter, of Bethlehem.

Duncan, Bethlehem's goalkeeper, was injured last Saturday in the game against Dobson's at Philadelphia, and his injury has been slow in responding to treatment and it is unlikely that he will defend the uprights tomorrow. However, the versatile Easton can be relied to take care of the citadel if called upon.

The Bethlehem forward line will probably be the same as that of last week, and it is hoped that they profited by the experience gained in that game. Goals are the thing that decides games; and while clever football is good to look upon, the honors go to the team that shows ability to locate the net.

If Bethlehem wins tomorrow they will play the Hibernian F. C. in the third round at Hibernian Field next Saturday.

Tomorrow's game will start at 2:30 and extra time will be played, if necessary.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club