The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, December 10, 1928
Bethlehem Completely Routs Jewish Players to Win Third Consecutive Game

Ninety minutes of rough football surcharged with excitement from the opening whistle to the final blast of the referee's whistle witnessed Bethlehem emerge victorious on Sunday in New York over the Hakoah, 8 to 3. The latter team suffered the most humiliating defeat since a Hakoah team campaigned in this country, either as a tourist or as a member of a league. It was Bethlehem's third consecutive victory over Hakoah.

Three thousand fans shivered through the hostilities but were rewarded with thrill upon thrill as an avalanche of eleven goals crashed into the nets. All three of the Hakoah goals were registered by Schwartz, two of which were free kicks for alleged infractions in the penalty area. The victory climaxed a dual win for the weekend, although the 7 to 3 victory over the Philadelphia Centennials on Saturday afternoon goes on the books as an exhibition game.

McGregor Opens Scoring

Bethlehem started with a great rush and the game was hardly five minutes gone when McGregor notched the first Bethlehem goal. It was a great shot from 35 yards out and not really meant by McGregor to score. Instead the Bethlehem halfback lifted to place the ball in center but instead he overkicked and the sphere sailing for the net swerved slightly in entering the net to make Fischer completely miss the ball.

Throughout the game the most vicious sort of charging featured with both teams fighting hard and neither one asking quarter. After Bethlehem's first marker Hakoah attacked and Gruenwald was going through when tackled by Hugh Reid, the big Bethlehem back recalled from Philadelphia for the game. Referee Creighton halted the play and gave Hakoah a penalty. Schwartz took the spot kick and tied the count.

From then on Bethlehem completely outplayed Hakoah with virtually a continuous bombardment of the New Yorkers goal. Massie broke away and beat Fischer with a torrid drive and an instant later Jaap added to the score. Gillespie brought the ball down the right wing and lifted to Jaap who came racing in from the left. Without waiting to trap the ball Jaap from seven yards out landed with his right foot and the ball crashed into the net with rifle speed. Had Fischer been in the bath of the ball the force of the ball would have undoubtedly upset him into the net.

Mulhall scored another great goal for Bethlehem and then Grosz, passing the ball back to Fischer, saw it roll into the net to make the count 5 to 2 in Bethlehem's favor.

In the second half Schwarz converted another penalty awarded against Wilson for tripping Gruenwald. Bethlehem continued to hold the upper hand and did as it pleased with the Hakoah team for the rest of the game. Two brilliant goals by Archie Stark and another from McGregor completed the scoring and gave the Jewish team its worst walloping of the season. The lineup:

Hakoah -- Bethlehem
Fischer -- G -- McClure
Grosz -- RFB -- Wilson
[...]berg -- LHB -- H. Reid
Drucker -- RHB -- W. Reid
Guttman -- CHB -- Carnihan
Nicholasberger -- LHB -- McGregor
Schwarz -- OR -- Gillespie
[...] -- IR -- Mulhall
Wortmann -- CF -- Stark
[...] -- IL -- Massie
Gruenwald -- OL -- Jaap
Substitutions -- Sloan for Haeuser. Goals: Schwartz 3, McGregor 2, Stark 2, Massie, Jaap, Mulhall, Grosz (accidental). Referee: C. E. Creighton. Linesmen: E. McCabe and A. Laurie. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Play Exhibition Games

Scheduled for a league game against the Philadelphia Centennials on Saturday, the game was played as an exhibition game on the mutual agreement for both managements and won by Bethlehem by the score of 7 to 3.

When Bethlehem arrived on the field the playing pitch was covered by three inches of snow and with the markings entirely obliterated. A suggestion to call the game off was made but rather than disappoint the several hundred spectators it was decided to play the exhibition. The players, however, were not informed of this arrangement until after the game and played through the ninety minutes on the slow covered pitch with winning determination.

Stark, with three goals, two in the first session, was the Steelmen's high scorer. Jaap gathered in two makers. Gillespie and Massie one each.

Purgavie garnered the Centennial initial counter, Jackson making the first in the second half and also completing the scoring with a penalty boot. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Centennial
McClure -- G -- Green
[...] -- RFB -- Marshall
Wilson -- LFB -- H. Reid
McGregor -- RHB -- Delaney
Carnihan -- CHB -- Shortt
H. Reid -- LHB -- McCurdy
Gillespie -- OR -- Neil
Mulhall -- IR -- Maxwell
Stark -- CF -- Jackson
Massie -- IL -- McGrillen
Jaap -- OL -- Purgavie
Goals: Stark 3, Jaap 2, Gillespie, Massie, Purgavie, Jackson 2 (1 penalty). Referee: Young. Linesmen: Watson and Semple. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

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