The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
December 12, 1927
Lose to Newark Here Sunday But Swamp Wanderers on Sunday 4 to 1

Snapping back into a winning stride, the Bethlehem Steel soccer team gave a dazzling performance on Ebbets Field, Brooklyn, on Sunday afternoon to hand Nat Agar's Wanderers the first defeat on the pitch this season. The Steelmen scored a well earned victory and by so do remained in the running as contenders for the league lead. Unfavorable weather prevailed with a light rain falling throughout the entire contest but in spite of the inclement condition a crowd of more than two thousand fans braved the elements to see the champions win by a somewhat one-sided score of 4 goals to 1 after leading at half time by the count of 1 to 0.

So determined was the attack in the early part of the game that two corners were forced in rapid succession. Then Brooklyn broke away but Nelson failed to convert a perfect pass from Adair when he shot bye with an open goal.

The Steelmen then launched one of their most determined attacks, exactly after seven minutes of playing and W. Reid, playing right halfback in place of McDonald and the latter pairing with McMeekin at the back positions, led up from the halfback line to Jaap. The latter, from close range tapped the ball and scored the first goal for Bethlehem.

Brooklyn came back strong and gained two corners. A wicked drive by Reid, right half for Bethlehem Steel, was finally saved by Smith. Another corner came to Brooklyn, after which Smith was called upon to stop a hard grounder from Granger. A great drive by Eisenhoffer went wide by a foot. Stark broke away for Bethlehem and went clean through, but his shot struck the bar. Jaap gained possession on the rebound and his drive likewise hit the cross piece. Next Eisenhoffer sent in a long shot which was heading for the net when McGregor bobbed up and intercepted it, Brooklyn getting a corner. Robertson made a fine effort for Brooklyn and barely missed. As Adair crossed from the right, McGregor jumped in and cleared. This half ended with Bethlehem one up.

The Steelmen came back with a dash. Immediately at the restart and within ten minutes of play had increased their lead. Gillespie made a brilliant run, after a pass by Jaap, the speedy Bethlehem outside right, increased his team's lead with a perfect shot.

Brooklyn's first and only goal came about three minutes later after a determined attack which resulted in a corner. Eisenhoffer took the kick and Nelson headed in. Bethlehem again became the aggressor and midway in the period Goldie crossed over to Gillespie and the latter scored his second goal of the game. The fourth came fifteen minutes from the end when Stark scored from Gillespie's center. The lineup:

Wanderers -- Bethlehem
Smith -- G -- Brown
Marshall -- RFB -- McDonald
McMillan -- LFB -- McMeekin
Short -- RHB -- Reid
Drucker -- CHB -- Carnihan
Robertson -- LHB -- McGregor
Adair -- OR -- Gillespie
Curtis -- IR -- Jaap
Nelson -- CF -- Stark
Eisenhoffer-- IL -- Granger
Yule -- OL -- Goldie
Goals -- Jaap, Gillespie 2, Stark, Nelson. Substitutions: McConnell for Granger. Referee -- M. Bloom. Linesmen - -C. Stott and G. Ferrier. Time of halves 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club