The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, December 12, 1928
In Overwhelming Victory Over Hakoah All-Stars Exacted Sever Toll.

Bethlehem soccer team this morning sent out an S. O. S. calling for immediate relief in the way of players in order to field a representative club against the Hispano F. C., in the Eastern Soccer League game to be played here on Saturday afternoon.

Injuries played havoc with the Bethlehem talent and this morning finds practically half the regulars indisposed because of injury and most alarming is the fact that the extent of some of the injuries threaten to keep the local celebrities out of the lineup for several weeks.

The probably lineup at this time is unknown and will no doubt continue to be so up to the time the game starts. In an effort to call on the services of Joe Morrison, halfback on the Wanderer team, and will also recall Arthur Robertson, for this game.

Relief in the emergency could be obtained by recalling some of the players loaned to the Philadelphia club but to do so would break up that organization and the management does not desire to do that. Hugh Reid, who was used last Sunday against Hakoah was returned to the Quakers and will play with them over the weekend. It may be necessary to invade the New York district for the loan of several men.

The inroads inflicted in the squad in the overwhelming victory over Hakoah was far more serious than at first anticipated. Tom Gillespie, brilliant wing forward and a player, seldom is nursing a twisted knee and will probably be lost to the team for several weeks. Another cripple on the forward line is Mulhall, out with an injured ankle which is responding rapidly to treatment and he may be a starter in the Saturday game.

The halfback line is completely shot with Willie Reid the only player in condition. Carnihan, another of the rugged type who is seldom injured, will not be able to start because of a bad knee while Bob MacGregor, ailing for several weeks and forced to play under stress, aggregated old injuries and will also be among the missing.

With Hugh Reid returned to Philadelphia and Allen on the shelf it will be either the veteran Jock Ferguson or Johnny Rollo to play left fullback. Matt Wilson will get the call for the other position.

While Hispano is not recognized among the strong clubs in the new circuit, nevertheless, the New Yorkers have been busy during the past week signing new talent and with the crippled condition of the team threaten plenty of trouble.

Bethlehem, with only one defeat to mar its league record to date, will made a determined effort to continue the winning stride and the management feels confident that no matter to what extent the team is patched for the Saturday game the players pressed into service will be able to take the measure of the invaders.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club