The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, December 14, 1920
Soccer Notes

The third round American Cup game next Saturday at Cahill Field, Philadelphia, between the Hibernians and Bethlehem Steel F. C. should be the big drawing card of the day, despite the fact that Dobson F. C. and Tebo yacht Club F. C. will be playing in the same vicinity in fourth round National Cup contest. The Hibernians always command a large following in Philadelphia, and they will be out strong to assist their favorites against the Steel Workers.

Fred Pepper, the former Bethlehem Steel player, has signed for the Tebos and he will be in the lineup on Saturday against Dobson.

The Steel Workers will make a great effort to win on Saturday against the Hibs, and a victory means that the cup holders, Robins Dry Dock, will visit Bethlehem for the fourth round of the competition.

The two teams that the locals are most anxious to meet on the Bethlehem field are Eries and Robins. Bethlehem defeated both of them in the league on their own fields this season, but they don't forget that the Robins took the American Cup away from them last season, and they are quietly looking forward to revenge. The Eries will also get a fine reception when they come here in the return league game.

Eries and Robins clash next Sunday in the fourth round of the National Cup at Federal Field, Harrison, N. J. and the winner should just about land the cup, which is emblematic of the championship. The present holders, the Ben Millers, of St. Louis, were eliminated in the third round by the Innisfalls, also of St. Louis.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club