The Globe – Bethlehem
Tuesday, December 14, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

The Real Sporty Game
“Soccer appears to be the real sporty game in this country,” writes a nationally famed sports scribe for a metropolitan newspaper, in commenting on a sport that is gradually taking a strong hold on the American public. It was slow to arrive and the early years witnessed many trials and tribulations in putting it across. Now the sport is firmly established and while the ranks of patrons is increased far beyond the point anticipated. Bethlehem is about the only soccer town that has yet to respond more liberally with the support commensurate with the high class team representing the Steel City. However, those fostering the sport tin Bethlehem have weathered many a storm in continuing to present high class teams, and eventually all true sportsmen must wake up to the situation and recognize the merits of the greatest team in the country. Soccer is here, and as the oldest big league professional establishment in the city it should stay here. The announcement that through the efforts of the Bethlehem Boosters the attendance thus far this year is increased by about one hundred percent is somewhat encouraging, but that one hundred percent must be materially increased to match the quota of soccer enthusiasts who cheer for the home teams in other American Soccer League cities. In the metropolitan daily referred to, the writer points out the extensive season, extending from September to May, and pays a high tribute to the stamina and physique of those who boot the ball around the soccer pitch. Some months in that period are considerably lacking in warm sunshine, but the soccer teams lay through just the same. Rain cannot dampen the ardor or blizzards freeze their infinite enthusiasm. If it snows they clear off the field and go on with the battle, quite often on a pitch that is extremely dangerous with its treacherous footing. If it rains they keep on with the game earnestness. They play from one to three games a week and they play whether the cash customers number 50 or 5,000, trusting to average up on the season. Yes, sir, it is a grand and popular sport.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club