The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, December 15, 1919
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Bethlehem's Defeat a Surprise
The impression gained by the defeat of the Bethlehem champions at the hands of the New York F. C. that the local eleven is not infallible, is to the interest of the Steel Workers as well as the benefit of the sport in this city. Local fans heretofore were under the impression that the champions so far outclassed all other rivals that their victory was assured and as a result the interest was lacking. On the other hand it is also quite likely that the champions, by virtue of their many successes, became over confident, and the defeat should serve as a tonic in stimulating and bringing forth greater effort. In the game played in this city against Paterson Saturday a week ago it was readily noticed that the players were not playing the same game they did when they closed the season the previous year and it is probably well that they were confronted with the realization that there are other teams as good. Fortunately the defeat was administered in the National League instead of one of the cup competitions where the games are of greater significance. However, a defeat in either of the cup competitions would eliminate them for the greatest laurels of all. Coaches and athletic directors welcome a defeat or rather a break in the form displayed in games of minor importance for as a rule it puts the men back on edge in the games to follow. The same view is no doubt taken by the Bethlehem authorities who are thanking their lucky stars that the defeat was administered in a league game rather than a cup competition. Bethlehem will have to be on its guard in the future for it is generally conceded that the soccer elevens of this year are presenting greater uniform strength than ever before. The New York F. C. was picked as one of the dangerous contenders and the same may be said of the Robins Dry Dock, Federal F. C. and Paterson elevens. Bethlehem's future campaigning is by no means over a path of roses but instead they will have to brace up and beat their best if they expect to maintain the honors garnered in the last several years.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club