The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, December 15, 1919
In a National League Soccer Game Local "Champs" Defeated 4 to 1.

New York F. C. defeated Bethlehem Steel in a National league game at Olympic field by the score of four goals to one before three thousand spectators and incidentally gave the Steel Workers their first setback of the season. The game was more keenly fought than the score would indicate. In the first half Bethlehem had sixteen shots at goal to nine by New York, but the booting by the home team was more deadly and three of their shots found the net while the Steel Workers were exceptionally weak when near Petrie. In the second half the game was even with Bethlehem trying hard to reduce the lee-way but they made the great mistake of trying to play clever football on a ground that was six inches deep in mud whereas new York played an aggressive rushing game that was suited to the conditions and for that reason they deserved to win.

New York won the toss and elected to play with the wind behind them and they were the first to attack, Hunsiker shooting past. Bethlehem soon made a raid on the home territory and Fleming shot past when a center might have put a different complexion on the game as Harris was in an excellent position to shoot. Duncan was next in the limelight when he stopped a shot from Edwards and the Bethlehem halfbacks carried the clearance to the other end and Pepper forced a corner, Blakey sending past. Harris and Forrest both tried first time shots but they lacked sting and t hen both goals were visited in turn but no danger resulted and some fine give and take play was witnessed. Bethlehem suddenly found themselves one goal behind when a long shot from Duffy landed in the corner of the net. The effect of this goal won the New York team was wonderful and it seemed as through every spectator on the field was rooting for them which was a natural result of Bethlehem's long monopoly of honors and before the half ended Bethlehem was two more goals behind, the second one coming after Bethlehem had forced a corner which was cleared and Hunsiker broke away for a long individual run which ended in Duncan being beaten with a fast low shot. The third one from a long shot by O'Holloran landed in the corner of the net out of Duncan's reach.

Bethlehem started the final half as if determined to make up some of the scores but the New Yorkers were just as determined to hold their advantage and the play sea-sawed up and down the field with both goals being in danger. Bethlehem was showing the best football but the New York defense was in great form and they would not allow the Steel Workers to get set, Gilfillan and Kelly repeatedly broke up attacks that looked dangerous and the Steel Workers seemed unable or unwilling to change their method of attach which was clearly out of place on the heavy and narrow field with the result that another attack resulted in the fourth goal for New York. Petrie scored in a scrimmage in front of the goal. But in this goal it looked as if the referee erred as Ferguson was lying on the ground for fully a minute suffering from an injury. The referee paid no attention to the appeal of the Bethlehem players to halt the game and allowed the goal to count. This was the last straw for Bethlehem and they bombarded the New York goal in a manner that proved that they were wrong in their methods in the early part of the game. Shots landed in on Petrie from forwards and halfbacks alike and the Gothamites were forced to crowd into their goal to hold out the now desperate Steel Workers. A shot from Fleming was too difficult for Petrie to hold and Pepper rushed in and scored from close range. Bethlehem seemed to feel better after this goal and had the best of the plays to the finish but could not add to their score. The lineup:

New York (4) -- Bethlehem (1)
Porter -- G -- Duncan
Gifillan -- RFB -- Fletcher
Kelly -- LFB -- Ferguson
Matthews -- RHB -- Murray
Bell -- CHB -- Campbell
Duffy -- LHB -- Blakey
O'Holloran -- OR -- McKelvey
Hunsiker -- IR -- Pepper
Petrie -- CF -- Harrison
Bleich -- IL -- Forrest
Edwards -- OL -- Fleming
Referee -- J. Williams. Linesmen -- Messrs. Davis and Easton. Goals -- Duffy, Hunsiker, O'Holloran, Petrie, New York; Pepper, Bethlehem. Time -- Halves of 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club