The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
December 15, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Stark's Brilliant Individual Effort
Outstanding in the game of the Steel Workers and J & P Coats on the Steel Field on Saturday afternoon was a most beautiful individual effort by Archie Stark, the Bethlehem center forward, which terminated only after he placed the ball into the net for Bethlehem's third counter. It was a play heralded as one of the finest ever witnessed on the Steel Field, rivaling anything probably ever seen on any other American field, and a bit of classical soccer play that was a rare treat for the spectators. Getting possession of the ball in midfield, Stark came down the center, taking charge after charge as he dribbled through the Coats defenses and then wound up his effort with a shot that completely beat Schoefeld, the visitors' goalie. It was not until some minutes after the game that soccer enthusiasts fully realized the brilliancy of that individual performance.

Discretion of Referee Well Placed
George Young, of Philadelphia, was refereeing the game, and many were the favorable comments on the discretion of the official on more than one occasion when fouls were committed. The one in particular that caught the eye was that on Stark's dash down the center of the field. Dribbling through the backs he was no less than twice the victim of vigorous shoulder charges, fouls of the most emphatic type. Under ordinary refereeing the play would have been stopped. However, when Stark was not impeded in his progress toward the visitors' goal, taking the charges in most graceful style and remaining on his feet, and it was the offender who violated, the discretion being well merited. The ability of Stark to take charges of this character and retain his feet is one of the outstanding characteristics of the Bethlehem center forward, who, to many critics, is not only the greatest front liner ever to represent the Bethlehem team, but also probably the greatest in the country, a tribute well merited. In a recent letter sent out by the United States Football Association, this body points to the Bethlehem player as a model for all other centers to copy after.

Fall River Takes Lead In Race
Taking two games over the weekend, one of which was from the Boston F. C., Fall River, National champions, are now strongly entrenched in first place in the league standing with Boston second and Bethlehem a close third. Fall River defeated Boson on the former's field yesterday afternoon by the score of 2 to 1. In this game Harold Brittan returned to the lineup after several weeks of idleness, due to injury and the return of the former Bethlehem center greatly improves the champions' chances. However, the star of the game was Davy Croft, a recent acquisition, who as yet has not been seen in Bethlehem and is understood to be one of the best forwards that ever migrated to these shores. Bethlehem's chances in overtaking the champs are probably better than those of Boston for the Steel Workers have thus far been most successful in taking points from Fall River and also have played two games less than the champions.

McNiven Suspended by Indiana Club
When Indiana Flooring comes to Bethlehem next Saturday afternoon for a league game, Dan McNiven, at one time a prime favorite with local fans, but who since interfering in domestic relations of a former friend for which he is now in the custody of the law, and has lost practically all of his local popular prestige, will be among the missing. McNiven was the center forward on the Indiana Flooring eleven. At a meting of the League executives held in New York City recently, Manager Viberg announced the suspension of the big center forward. Incidentally the floor makers come to Bethlehem with two recent acquisitions, players from the St. Louis district, who were signed immediately after the visit of the Gotham dribblers to St. Louis, for exhibition games. Other matters of local interest at the meeting was the disposition of the Fryer-Maxwell case in which to retain harmony in the league, it was to impose a fine of $10 apiece. Quite cheap to take a punch at players and an incentive, it would seem, in inspiring such conduct among players.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club