The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, December 16, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Neil and Sturdy
Neil and Sturdy will be here on Saturday. Neil Turner and Sturdy Maxwell, the former right wing of the Bethlehem Steel F. C., are the individuals referred to. Both forwards, Turner, an outside man, and Maxwell, an inside manipulator, were let out by the Bethlehem club at t he close of last season and are now sporting the colors of the New Bedford team. Just what their acquisition by that club meant is best attested by the second place position the team enjoys in the American Soccer League. New Bedford comes to Bethlehem on Saturday to test the skill of the Steel Workers and the game promises to be anything but a pink tea. Nothing would delight Maxwell and Turner more than to stop their former teammates on the home loam. And the same goes for Bethlehem players, who would hardly wish to experience the humiliation of being set back by a team aided by players who had formerly sported Bethlehem colors. When Maxwell is right he can easily claim distinction as one of the best inside men in the league. And Maxwell will probably see that he is going right when New Bedford and Bethlehem clash.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club