The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, December 16, 1925
Collan, Speedy Soccer Fullback, To Be Seen in Action Here Saturday.

In spite of the physical disadvantage of being a mute, the New Bedford American Soccer League club which will oppose the Bethlehem Steel Workers on the Steel Field here on Saturday afternoon, will introduce in Collan, a fullback, one of the best in the loop. Collan is deaf and dumb, but is proving one of the strongest defensive assets to the madly rushing New Bedford clan, who by occupying second position in the league standing are challenging Fall River for the league leadership.

Deafness Does Not Bother

The disadvantage of being unable to hear and talk does not in the least seem to interfere with the merit as a player of Collan. In fact, this physical defect is hardly, if at all, noticeable to the average layman. He plays with a dash and effectiveness that has contributed much to the success of the New Bedford club seemingly sensing when the whistle is tooted in stopping the game. Paired off with Collan at the fullback position is another excellent player. He is Hunter, an internationalist and star of first division caliber. In 1923 he played with Scotland against England.

Two Ex-Bethlehem Men

Then too with the galaxy of soccer exponents will be two former Bethlehem favorites in the persons of Neil Turner and Sturdy Maxwell. For several years this duo comprised the Bethlehem right wing and when at their best were hard to beat. The change of scenery and environment has apparently served as a tonic in injecting new life into them, for they are playing with all the dash and effectiveness characteristic of their work with Bethlehem when they were dominant factors on the Bethlehem front line.

New Bedford comes to Bethlehem to test the merit of the Steel clan as one of the strongest clubs in the circuit. A club which by its recent sensational spurt has advanced to second place in the league standing and to make its initial appearance of the season in the Steel City. Incidentally it is the first of five out of the next [...] games which the local clan will play at home. In this number of home affairs the Bethlehems hope to retrieve some of the points dropped on their trips and improve their standing to a position to make them a contender for the championship honors.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club