The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, December 17, 1928
Home Booters With Three Local Players on Team Down Spaniards, 5 to 2

In spite of a revamped soccer team necessitated by injuries and the inclusion of three local players in the lineup the Bethlehem soccer team crashed through for another victory in the Eastern soccer League, defeating the Hispano F. C. of New York on the home field on Saturday afternoon by the score of 5 to 2.

The newcomers to the Bethlehem lineup, including Quintas, a diminutive wing forward, Joe Morrison and R. Gerlach, players of the Bethlehem Wanderers, and all three gave a creditable performance. Morrison, especially, playing a halfback position in the absence of the veteran Bob McGregor, gave a finished display. Quintas, a forward with the El Dos de Mayo alternated at outside left with Gerlach, the latter playing in the second half.

The day's respite given the regulars absent from the lineup will enable the Bethlehem team to field its strongest club over the next weekend when Hakoah and the New York Giants, the two formidable opponents in the league, will be met on successive days. The visit of the All-Star Jewish aggregation here next Saturday should result in one of the most torrid battles witnessed on the home loam this season.

The Saturday game was hardly under way when Bethlehem forged into the lead. Rollo from about twenty yards out drove a rifle shot into the net. Bethlehem continued to press, and in fact was doing practically all of the attacking, but it was not until about midway in the half when a movement down the field contributed to by Stark, Rollo and Jaap ended when the latter lofted a high center to the goal mouth where Stark deftly headed it into the net for Bethlehem's second goal.

In the closing minutes of the half the visitors came to life and tossed a scare into the home booters. Initiating an attack which eluded the Bethlehem backs, Miller was close to the net when his shot beat McClure. Inspired by this success the visitors continued the press and narrowly missed scoring again when McClure handled and was within inches of being rushed into the goal.

The second half was a repetition of the first in which Bethlehem had probably even more of the play than at the start. Robertson injured was replaced by the versatile Johnny Rollo who moved from the forward line to the halfback, Mulhall taking his place. It was while playing halfback, Rollo shoved the ball ahead enabling Stark to Swerve it high into the far corner of the net.

With a two goal advantage Bethlehem relented somewhat in its aggressive tactics until Matt Wilson, local back, retired to the sidelines for treatment to an injured knee. Millar, playing a good game for the visitors at center, sensed the opportunity and dashed in and headed into the net on a beautiful center from McGowen.

A free kick from just outside the penalty area and coming from the boot of Morrison was converted on a header by Rollo and a short time later Bethlehem again tallied, Stark making it three for the day with an unsavable shot. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Hispano F. C.
McClure -- G -- Thompson
Wilson -- RFB -- Healey
Ferguson -- LFB -- Scotland
Morrison -- RHB -- O'Neil
Carnihan -- CHB -- A. Thompson
Robertson -- LHB -- Patterson
Jaap -- OR -- Mullestein
Rollo -- IR -- Carnegie
Stark -- CF -- Millar
Massie -- IL -- Crilley
Quintas - -OL -- McGowen
Goals: Stark 3, Rollo 2, Millar 2. Substitutions: Gerlach for Quintas, Mulhall for Rollo, Rollo for Robertson. Referee: Fred Pepper. Linesmen: J. M. Carpenter and Horace Williams. Time of halves: 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club