The Globe -- Bethlehem
December 18, 1922
American Soccer League Contest Here on Saturday is Hotly Contested.

The American League game between Paterson F. C. and Bethlehem Steel at Bethlehem Steel Field, on Saturday, ended in a tie, two goals each, after 90 minutes of hard and clever soccer. John Walders, who refereed the game, was subjected to worst razzing ever given a soccer official in Bethlehem. He seemed to lose control of the game and many of his decisions were questioned by the fans. The outstanding decision that was too much for the fans was the awarding of a goal to Paterson in the second half.

Dugan was clearly off side when he got away on the right, and his shot from 20 yards range was stopped by Kerr, the latter failing to hold the ball, but he managed to get it round the post for what he thought was a corner, but to the surprise of all the referee immediately pointed to midfield, indicating that a goal had been scored. The Bethlehem players protested but to no avail. Walders was at least 50 yards from the goal and, therefore, not in a position to make an accurate decision. He should at least have consulted both linesmen before rendering any decision. Apart from the officiating, the game was well played by both teams with Bethlehem having just enough advantage to entitle them to victory.

Paterson was first to attack and in the first minute of play McKenna opened the scoring for Paterson from close range on a cross from Sweeney. Kerr had no chance with the shot. This reverse seemed to upset the steel workers and they were some time getting under way. However, they [ . . . ] game midway through the half and Faulds tied the score on a neat pass from Cox. Bethlehem continued to press and Easton scored the second for the locals in a scrimmage in front of goal. Paterson tried hard to get the equalizing goal but the Bethlehem defense was too much for them and many dangerous raids were turned back. Close to time Campbell got through, but shot directly at the goalkeeper, and a great chance was lost.

Second Half

Paterson started off in aggressive fashion, but their finishing was poor and the Steel Workers were soon in the vicinity of Renzulli and only the excellent defensive work of Reynolds, Whitehead and Fryer prevented a score on several occasions. After 20 minutes play Dugan got away on the right and was credited with the goal described above. The Bethlehem players were now playing desperately for the leading goal and Easton hit the upright from close range with Renzulli beaten. Reynolds cleared the rebound and a great chance was lost. Both goals were in danger towards the finish, but neither line was able to get the better of the defense, and the final whistle found them tied at two goals each.

The lineup:

Paterson F. C. -- Bethlehem Steel
Renzulli -- G -- Kerr
Reynolds -- RFB -- Young
Whitehead -- LFB - -Ferguson
Scott -- RHB -- McFarlane
Fryer -- CHB -- Rattray
Herd -- LHB -- Cox
Dugan -- Campbell
Murray -- IR -- Faulds
McKenna -- CF -- Easton
McGuire -- IL -- Granger
Sweeney -- OL -- Goldie
Goals: Faulds, Easton, McKenna, Sweeney. Linesman: Irvine, Referee: John Walders, Philadelphia. Linesman: Morrison.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club