The Globe -- Bethlehem
December 19, 1924
Indiana Flooring of New York Has a Dangerous and Speedy Forward Line

One of the strongest defensive teams in the league with a dangerous and speedy forward line, is an accurate analysis of the Indiana Flooring team which meets the Bethlehem Steel F. C., on the Steel Field, in an American Soccer League game tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock.

That the strength of the Indiana defense is not in the least exaggerated is readily apparent by the low scores and the little scoring done against the New York floor makers. As an illustration Bethlehem in its first meeting with Indiana, a game lost, scored but one goal although the majority of the play was in Indiana territory; Boston has succeeded in notching only two goals while the Fall River champions were likewise held to two goals. Pete Renzulli, well known goal keeper, is playing the best game of his career and by his work this season is crowding Findley Kerr, of Fall River, hard for the premier custodian honors.

On the forward line the Indianas have a player who is quite familiar with Bethlehem and one that single handed won a game in Sweden when the Steel Workers were touring that country. That player is Carlson, a center forward, fast and clever and a dangerous shot. Another forward who will bear watching is Joe McCarthy, a recent acquisition signed for his speed and who prior to coming to Indiana starred on the front line for the Vesper Buicks, of St. Louis. It was in 1918 that Carlson, a Swedish international star, single handedly defeated the Bethlehem team in one of the games.

To combat the strength of the rival invaders and to avenge the defeat of the only meeting between these two teams, the Steel Workers will have to field their strongest club and at the same time hold in reserve some fresh talent for the hard game against the New York Giants on Sunday.

For the reason doubt exists in the choice of several positions which will not be decided until shortly before the game and will be influenced in final choice by weather and ground conditions. Carson will again work in goal. Once change is certain among the backs where Davy Ferguson will remain idle and the veteran "Jock" Ferguson, a brother of the younger Bethlehem back, pressed into service. "Jock" will lay aside the medical kit for the day and if he displays the same form witnessed in the game against Fall River here the position will be well taken care of. Doubt relative to other positions is felt on the halfback line between MacGregor and McDonald, on the forward line between Forrest and Turner. Which ever player is eliminated will be held in reserve to start fresh against the Giants on Sunday for Bethlehem has a big task in view of avenging the recent defeat at the hands of the New Yorkers on the Steel Field.

Arthur Robertson, halfback, who has capably performed in Goldie's assignment on the left wing, will be back on the halfback line and most likely Rollo will be the selection to work in combination with Maxwell at inside left. If Turner is eliminated on the right wing, Forrest and Granger will be the players to flank Stark, the latter at center forward. James Walders, of Philadelphia will referee the game which will start promptly at 2:30 o'clock.

The tentative lineup follows:
Bethlehem Steel -- Indiana Flooring
Carson -- G -- Renzulli
Young -- RFB -- Levin
Ferguson -- LFB -- Ferrier
MacGregor (or McDonald) -- RHB -- Sundberg
Carnihan -- CHB -- Terris
Robertson -- LHB -- Herd
Forrest (or Turner) -- OR -- Duggan
Granger -- IR -- Shaw
Stark -- CF -- Carlson
Maxwell -- IL -- Schylander
Rollo -- OL -- McCarthy

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club