The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
December 19, 1927
Local Champions Back in Form and Beat New Englanders 3 to 0 and 3 to 1.


Grabbing four points, two garnered in the game against Providence in Bethlehem on Saturday afternoon and the other two in concluding the weekend twin bill with a victory over Providence at the latter place on Sunday, the Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club today is sharing first place in the American Soccer League campaign with Boston. In the two games the Steelmen registered six goals, beating Providence here on Saturday by the score of 3 to 0 and then after traveling all night downed the Fletchermen on home soil on Sunday by the count of 3 to 1. In both games the Steelmen performed brilliantly and proved superior to their New England rivals who will be back in Bethlehem next Saturday for the fourth and final meeting in the first half of the league schedule.

A right wing, plus a center forward functioning to perfection were an attack that the visitors could not fathom, earned Bethlehem Steel a well merited 3-0 victory over Providence in a game that was hard fought from the start to finish on Lehigh Field here Saturday. Only in the last half when Bethlehem made several substitutions did the Steelmen relent somewhat in their determined attack, satisfied seemingly that Providence could not overcome the three-goal lead.

Although defeated, Providence was a dangerous club and in the first half was exceptionally threatening. For a period of almost ten minutes midway in the first half did Providence attack with such vigor and aggressiveness that only the combined efforts of the Steelmen's defense and several brilliant saves by Edwards prevent a score.

Visitors' Forward Weak

In contrast to the playing of the Steelmen, the forward wall of the Providence team was weak in finishing and several opportunities to crash the net were lost when shots sailed bye. The wings, with Florie at outside left and Beattie on the right, especially were weak, seeming to be at a lost as what to do with t he ball when in the Bethlehem territory.

The combination work of Stark, Jaap and Gillespie, all three performing brilliantly, had the providence defense demoralized and even the great Finlayson, who on his day's play in no manner compared with Carnihan, at the center half position.

From the very start Bethlehem did the pressing and after three minutes of play Goldie forced a corner. However, the strong wind carried Goldie's kick bye. A few minutes later Providence was pressing and Carnihan, making a miskick in his attempt to clear, conceded a corner.

A short time later it was Goldie who broke away, dashing up the field with the ball and centering perfectly to Jaap and Gillespie. Both of the latter were free but a seemingly misunderstanding as to which was to take the shot and the instant delay was costly when with no one t o beat but the goalie the parting drive, a weak attempt, went bye.

From then on for some time Providence flashed its most determined effort of the game to locate the net and were decidedly dangerous for a few minutes. A pass to center and Agnew carried through, beating McDonald, but Edwards made a headlong dive toward the upright to save on a terrific shot. Providence continued to attack and again Edwards took a well labeled and torrid drive from the boot of the Providence center forward. The visitors were trying desperately for a goal and again Edwards played sensationally when he tipped Florie's hard drive over the cross bar. Before the visitors were repulsed the Steelmen were forced to yield two successive corners when Bethlehem again took up the attack. After close to thirty minutes of play, Jaap, getting possession in midfield, broke through and crossed to Gillespie. Tricking the defense the Bethlehem outside right started to bore in, when seemingly boxed, shipped the ball across the goal mouth to Ballantyne who was free ten yards out and crashed the sphere into the net for Bethlehem's first counter.

Stark Scores.

It was not long afterward that Stark featured a play that resulted in the Steelmen's counter. Stark broke through and shot from close range but after Garland knocked down the ball which was rolling toward the net, Bordell bobbed in sight but his hasty effort to clear merely deflected the ball toward Gillespie on the right and the latter taking a first time shot drove it into the far corner of the net for the second goal.

Bethlehem continued pressing and so determined was the attack that Providence yielded two corners. However, at the half time whistle the visitors were the aggressors.

The first ten minutes after the restart was as desperately battled with the ball frequently swinging from one end of the field to the other. The Steelmen were now playing with the wind and the sun to their advantage. Finally Gillespie broke away and with a brilliant effort eluded the defense in his advance to the goal. Bearing in Gillespie had an excellent opportunity to take the parting shot with no one but Garland in his path. However, the excellent combination and seemingly perfect understanding between the right wing was apparent when Gillespie with only the goalie to beat, tapped the ball over to Stark who was coming through center, and the latter had no trouble placing the ball virtually into an open goal.

Immediately after registering the third goal, Captain MacGregor and Goldie were withdrawn. Rollo went to left halfback and "Bill" Allan, a fullback, making his first appearance in the lineup in quite some time was assigned to outside left. From then on it was the right wing almost exclusively, with early spasmodic passing to the left side. While Bethlehem failed to notch any more goals, the changes seemingly had little effect in the strength of the team. In the closing minutes McDonald succeeded in frustrating the visitors in their last dangerous attempt to avert a shutout. A sizzling drive from far out was knocked down by Edwards and the ball lay close to the goal line when McDonald bobbed into sight and cleared from under the cross bar. The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- Providence
Edwards -- G -- Garland
McDonald -- RFB -- Bordell
McMeekin -- LFB -- Almer
Reid -- RHB -- Campbell
Carnihan -- CHB -- Finlayson
MacGregor -- LHB -- Auld
Gillespie -- OR -- Beattie
Jaap -- IR -- McClure
Stark -- CF -- Agnew
Ballantyne -- IL -- McGuire
Goldie -- OL -- Florie
Goals -- Ballantyne, Gillespie, Stark. Substitutions -- Rollo for MacGregor, Alan for Goldie. Referee - -D. Scott. Time of halves: 45 minute.

Sunday Game

Fielding a club with only two changes the lineup that was successful against Providence here on Saturday the Steelmen made it two straight over the New Englanders by winning at Providence on Sunday by the score of 3 goals to 1.

The Steelmen did all the scoring since the lone counter credited to Providence was in the guise of a gift when an accidental header by McDonald, in attempting to clear, was deflected into the net. This unfortunate break occurred in the first half and as a result the Steelmen were trailing at the interval by the score of 1 to 0.

But Bethlehem came back at the restart with a great and determined fight and before final whistle had located the meshes of the visitors on no less than three occasions. Throughout the last forty-five minutes of play the Steelmen almost exclusively monopolized the play with Providence unable to stem the hard and aggressive playing.

Hardly a minute of the game had elapsed when McGuire played into touch and Reid made a foul throw in. Auld made the free kick, placing it right in the Bethlehem goal area, and McDonald jumped to head it away, but it bobbed under the crossbar to the account of Providence.

A Bethlehem movement threatened as Goldie placed a neat cross to Gillespie, whose header just cleared the crossbar. Providence forced the first corner as McClure drove off a defender after a clever Providence combination. Hogg placed the flag kick well and Campbell and Agnew banged the ball against a Bethlehem player.

It was not until the last minute of the first half that Bethlehem was able to get settled for a clear shot at Garland, and it was Stark who charged through on a pass from Granger. Stark let go a terrific shot as he locked legs with Auld and Garland knocked it down for a gallant save. The entire first half was nip and tuck with the run of play about even.

In the second half Bethlehem showed to decided advantage, and kept Providence on the defense almost throughout. Jaap scored the first goal in about 10 minutes with a rifle shot, which was soon followed by another goal by Granger. The final goal occurred in the last minute of play when Gillespie, running into center received a pass from Stark, and with no one to beat but the goalkeeper, was fouled by Florie inside the penalty area. The penalty kick was taken by Reid, who scored. The whistle ending the game blew immediately after the kick. The whole team played extremely well, and no substitutions were made. In field the club Cecil Brown went to goal and Johnny Granger replaced Ballantyne at inside left.

Bethlehem -- Providence
Brown -- G -- Garland
McDonald -- RFB -- Bardell
McMeekin -- LFB -- Florie
Reid -- RHB -- Campbell
Carnihan -- CHB -- W. Finlayson
MacGregor -- LHB -- Auld
Gillespie -- OR -- Beattie
Jaap -- IR -- McClure
Stark -- CF -- Agnew
Granger -- IL -- McGuire
Goldie -- OL -- Hogg
Goals: McDonald (accidental); Jaap, Granger, Reid. Substitutions -- Providence: F. Finlayson for McGuire. Time of halves, 45 minutes. Referee: Bloom. Linesmen: White and Stirrup.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club