Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Thursday, December 19, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row
Anent Fall River-Bethlehem
Fall River fans are still talking about the game witnessed last Sunday when the final whistle found Bethlehem and the Marksmen in a three point draw and apparently by the many glowing comments it will be a long time before the fans privileged to see these two great teams in action will live down the thrilling encounter. The Fall River scribes go into ecstasies in describing the game, evident by the following excerpt clipped from their accounts: "It was the greatest game of soccer this season, last season or any other season -- For once the dictionary fails to supply an adjective strong enough to suitably describe the thrilling game -- More thrills were jammed into this one game than in all others played this season put together -- There was hardly a minute in the 90 consumed when the times were not doing something to enthuse the spectators and it's a sure bet that the Fall River crowd has not been worked up to such a high pitch of excitement in many a day -- When Fraser, injured, walked down the sideline to the clubhouse he was given a wonderful ovation by the crowd, which showed its appreciation of a great goalkeeper in a most sportsmanlike manner. It was a nice thing for the Fall River fans to do, for if ever a men deserved an ovation it was Fraser. And many more glowing comments involving practically every other member of the team but which space prohibits recounting.
Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club