The Globe -- Bethlehem
December 20, 1924
Up to Jan. 18 Next 7 of the 9 Games Scheduled are For Home

That Bethlehem Steel will have to finish its campaigning in the American Soccer League race next spring with the majority of games to be played away from home is indicated by the schedule submitted by the league executives up to and including January 18. Whatever advantage there is, if any, in playing on the home lot, Bethlehem will have to take full advantage of it in January for the final stages of the race are not going to be easy for the Steel Workers.

Of the nine games booked for Bethlehem during this period of time and including the game played this afternoon on the Steel Field, seven will be home attractions and two away from home with the first on alien territory tomorrow afternoon, when the Steel Workers meet the New York Giants. The array of home games is as attractive as could be desired, including Fall River, New Bedford and Indiana Flooring for a New Year's Day attraction here.

It is fortunate that the local management turned down the invitations received from St. Louis and Chicago for exhibition games during the Christmas holidays for with the present arrangement of the schedule the trip would have been abandoned. Unless, of course, the schedule makers had taken into consideration the proposed trip.

The Steel Workers' games are as follows: December 20, Indiana Flooring, at home; December 21, New York Giants, away; December 25, Fleisher Yarn, at home; December 27, Newark F. C., at home; January 1, Indiana Flooring, at home; January 8, Fall River, at home; January 10, New Bedford, at home; January 17, Fleisher Yarn, at home.

By the time that the Fall River game rolls around, it is more than likely that Bethlehem will be again at its full strength with the return of Malcolm Goldie and Bob Terris, ready for active service. Goldie was out with injuries for the last several weeks, injuries that were sustained in the last meeting of Bethlehem and Fall River at Fall River. It is possible that the Fall River engagement in Bethlehem will mark the return of the brilliant Bethlehem left wing to the game.

The schedule for December 20 to January 18 inclusive, follows:

Dec. 20 -- Bethlehem vs. Indiana, J & P Coats vs. Fall River, Fleisher Yarn vs. N. Y. Giants, New Bedford vs. Philadelphia, Boston vs. Newark.

Dec. 21 -- Providence vs. Newark, Fall River vs. Philadelphia, N. Y. Giants vs. Bethlehem, Brooklyn vs. Indiana.

Dec. 25 (Christmas Day) -- J & P Coats vs. Providence, Bethlehem vs. Fleisher Yarn, Philadelphia vs. Brooklyn, Indian vs. Boston, New Bedford vs. Fall River, Newark vs. N. Y. Giants.

Dec. 27 -- Philadelphia vs. Indiana, J & P Coats vs. New Bedford, Boston vs. Fleisher Yarn, Bethlehem vs. Newark.

Dec. 28 -- N. Y. Giants vs. Philadelphia, Providence vs. Fleisher Yarn, Fall River vs. J & P Coats, Newark vs. Bethlehem.

Jan. 1 (New Year's Day) -- N. Y. Giants vs. Fall River, Fleisher Yarn vs. Philadelphia, Boston vs. Brooklyn, New Bedford vs. providence, Newark vs. J & P Coats, Bethlehem vs. Indiana.

Jan. 3 -- New Bedford vs. Brooklyn, Philadelphia vs. N. Y. Giants, Bethlehem vs. Fall River, Boston vs. J & P Coats.

Jan. 4 -- Providence vs. Brooklyn, Newark vs. Fall River, Indiana vs. Fleisher Yarn.

Jan. 10 -- Fleisher Yarn vs. Fall River, J & P Coats vs. Indiana, Bethlehem vs. New Bedford, Boston vs. Philadelphia.

Jan. 11 -- Newark vs. New Bedford, Fall River vs. Indiana, Providence vs. Philadelphia, N. Y. Giants vs. Boston, Brooklyn vs. J & P Coats.

Jan. 17 -- Philadelphia vs. Indiana, Boston vs. N. Y. Giants, New Bedford vs. J & P Coats, Bethlehem vs. Fleisher Yarn.

Jan 18 -- Newark vs. Brooklyn, Indian vs. Providence, Fall River vs. N. Y. Giants.

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