The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Monday, December 12, 1926
New Bedford Contest Marked by Poor Refereeing – Locals Win 3-1

Taking one of the two games over the weekend while Fall River was defeated in both starts, the lead of the Bethlehem soccer team in the American Soccer League was not jeopardized with the exception that the champions are now topping Boston instead of Fall River as the contending club. Bethlehem won decisively at New Bedford on Saturday afternoon, 3 goals to 1. In New York on Sunday, the Bethlehem team dropped the second game of the season to Indiana Flooring, 2 to 0.

Upset “Away” Dope

Contrary to the dope that traveling teams cannot win, especially against stiff opposition, Bethlehem managed to obtain a well earned victory on Saturday at New Bedford. The game was played under most adverse conditions, the weather being bitterly cold, and the ground concrete-like, although not uneven. Bethlehem was able to play its strongest forward line for apparently Stark had quickly recovered from his previous week’s knee injury. In the opening minutes New Bedford settled quicker, and commencing attacking. Within five minutes, however, Bethlehem had taken the lead and a combination movement resulted in Jaap placing the ball well beyond the goalkeeper’s reach. IN less than five minutes Gillespie scored a great goal, with a first time effort from 25 yards, the ball dripping over the goalkeeper’s outstretched hands.

During a scrimmage Stark suffered an injury to his left knee, which necessitated his retirement, and replacement by Robertson, who exchanged positions with Forrest. Stark’s injury is not on the same knee as that sustained at Bethlehem against Brooklyn so it would appear for the moment that he will require much time to recuperate, when suffering from two weakened knees.

Edwards Banished Five Minutes

Just five minutes before half time, as the result of a scrimmage, in which Edwards was fouled when playing the ball, the referee ruled against Edwards, giving New Bedford a free kick inside the penalty area. MacGregor questioned the referee as to the reason for his ruling and received in response an order to retire from the game for five minutes. Incidentally this is the first occasion for a Bethlehem player to be so censured for two seasons, and it befell a player that never in all his experience has received marching orders, and has placed a blot on Bethlehem’s long record of good behavior. The instance, as was also shown by other cases throughout the match, proved that it was entirely beyond the capacity of the referee. His decisions were repeatedly at variance with the actual play, and climaxed his bad day’s work when two minutes from time he awarded a goal to New Bedford, which was willfully and obviously played by Stevens with his arm, with the referee standing in the immediate vicinity.

During one of the attacks upon the Bethlehem goal, McDonald while in the act of attempting to clear a ball with his head, accidentally handplayed the ball and drew the decision of a penalty. The shot was taken by Montgomery, but it struck the bar and no score resulted.

During the second half Bethlehem had much the better of the play and should have increased its score considerably. Midway, Gillespie had evaded the defense and was in good scoring position when he was tripped by Cowan for which a penalty was awarded. Goldie contrary to his customary habit, failed in the attempt.

In the closing minutes of play Gillespie received a nasty leg injury. This injury rendered him of no further avail, but he again assumed the outside right position, with Forrest moving into the center.

The club felt highly elated over such a victory for visiting teams have found it most difficult to obtain two points at New Bedford:

Bethlehem – New Bedford
Edwards – G -- Schofield
Barrie – LFB -- Cowan
Eadie – RFB -- Gibson
McDonald – LHB – McIntosh
Carnihan – CHB -- Montgomery
MacGregor – RHB -- Lorimer
Jaap – OR -- Lorimer
Stark – IR -- Chedgzoy
Gillespie – CF -- Stevens
Forrest – OL -- McLeavy
[…] – IL -- Best
Goals: by Jaap, Gillespie, Stark for Bethlehem; Stevens for New Bedford. Referee: George Lambie. Linesmen: Walter Lethbridge and Roger Preston. Time – 45 minute halves.

Lose to Indiana

Bethlehem found itself in a predicament to construct a side to face Indiana. With Stark absolutely unfit, and Gillespie unsound, and Rollo yet to place himself under test from his recent injury, there was no other alternative than to arrange the forward line in the following order: Jaap, Rollo, Gillespie, Forrest and Goldie.

To add to the difficulties the ground was in absolutely unplayable condition, for footprints made on a soft ground had frozen and left a condition that was not only treacherous but dangerous. AT no time could a player rely upon a ball running correctly, and the efforts of players were made to appear ridiculous when a ball would run absolutely contrary to the way in which it was played.

The run of the game was very even, although the second half Brown was called upon repeatedly to make remarkable saves. Indiana, playing its new center forward, Leonard, managed to obtain its first goal when Leonard, beating Barrie for a header and with Edwards approaching managed to cleverly slip the ball past the goalkeeper. Ten minutes later the score was increased when McGhee, standing in an offside position, had no trouble beating Edwards.

This match demonstrated the advantage and disadvantages that exist between a fresh club and a club that has played on the previous day, and particularly under such weather and ground conditions as were prevalent in the two cities.

Indiana Flooring -- Bethlehem
Brown – G -- Edwards
Clark – RFB -- Barrie
Donald – LFB -- Eadie
Chatton – RHB – McDonald
Terris – CHB -- Carnihan
Cameron – LHB -- MacGregor
Gallagher – OR -- Jaap
Carlson – IR -- Rollo
Leonard – CF -- Gillespie
Millar – IL – Forrest
McGhee – OL – Goldie
Referee: M. Bloom. Linesmen, E. Buddie and J. Coutts. Goals: Leonard, McGhee. Indiana Flooring F. C. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club