The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, December 21, 1925
Flashy Center Forward, of Steel Team, Makes Every Point Scored by Winner.

In defeating Newark, 5-0, on Sunday afternoon for its second victory in the American Soccer League over the weekend, Archie Stark, center forward of the Bethlehem Steel team, established a new record in league soccer by notching all of the goals, the margin by which the Steel Workers defeated the Jerseymen. With the victory the Bethlehem clan materially strengthened their chances in the league race. Annexing four points, while other contenders for the honors, Fall River, excepted, lost or shared their points.

Stark Mops Up Field

In spite of a rearranged lineup necessitated by injures to Bob MacGregor and Malcolm Goldie, the Steel Workers were all over Newark and at no time did the Jerseymen really threaten. Stark was in his element and a continual threat to the Newark defense. In addition to the changes in the lineup over that of Saturday in the New Bedford game, Taylor, the new goalie, made his debut as a Steel Worker. The shots that he handled were taken care of in excellent manner, but it was seldom that the Newark forwards invaded in territory beyond that of Allen and Berryman, the Bethlehem backs. Taylor's work in this game was not sufficient to test his real value. However, he did make a very favorable impression with his kicks from placement and clearance.

Newark displayed its best form in the first thirty minutes of play, but after the Steel Workers once assumed their stride, there was only one team in it. The Steel Workers pressed with a determination that could not be denied and the pace at which they carried the game rapidly told on the opposing clan. Two of Stark's goals were notched in the first half and the other three after the restart.

Johnny Rollo Again "There"

Playing in MacGregor's position on the halfback line was Arthur Robertson while Goldie's position at outside left was well taken care of by Johnny Rollo. The little inside left proved himself quite at home in an outside position and his accurate crosses paved the way for several of Stark's five goals. In Rollo's position at inside left was Johnny Jaap, a this year's acquisition to the club.

Although opportunities were many, the Bethlehem forwards could not locate the goal until after thirty-five minutes of play. Stark then opened the scoring on a clever pass from Purvis. With but two more minutes to go before the end of the half, Stark received another opportunity and made good.

With the restart, Bethlehem continued its aggressive play and Newark was forced to concentrate most of their efforts on a defensive game. In spite of this, the Steel front liners managed to slip through for shots at goal. After the interval, it was all Bethlehem, and within ten minutes Stark had the ball in the net for his third goal. He headed in on Rollo's center. Two more goals followed at intervals of fifteen and five minutes. The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- Newark
Taylor -- G -- Frazer
Barryman -- RFB -- Marshall
Allan -- LFB -- Fleming
MacDonald -- RHB -- Kirby
Carnihan -- CHB -- McLeod
Robertson -- LHB -- Sharp
Forrest -- OR -- Geddis
Purvis -- IR -- Oliphant
Stark -- CF -- Dickie
Jaap -- IL -- Thomson
Rollo -- OL -- Rafferty
Referee: T. Cunningham. Linesmen: W. Easton and W. Barclay. Goals for Bethlehem -- Archie Stark 5. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club