The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, December 24, 1919
A Swing Along Athletic Row

What's the Matter With Bethlehem
"What's the matter with Bethlehem, is the team slipping?" is the cry of Philadelphia soccer critics. If the team is slipping it is safe to say that such fate would be to the delight of the Philadelphia fans. Bethlehem's many victories over Quaker City clubs have engendered a heated rivalry and the local players are thanking their lucky stars that the two defeats administered were not handed out by Philadelphia clubs. One writer speaks thus:

"What is the matter with the Bethlehem players? This question was the main subject yesterday among some of the leading soccer magnates in this city, who have been ardent admirers of the National Champions, the last few years. Some of those who have witnessed the team play this season are of the opinion that more than one of the players has started to slip. They claim that the mistake of the management of the Steel Workers in not introducing at least a couple of young players into the team each season is one of the most potent reasons why the team has already lost two National League matches, something unknown at this early stage since Bethlehem started winning National titles. New York and Erie, both of whom lowered the colors of Bethlehem in the National League series this season are by no means considered the strongest elevens in the east, therefore unless Messrs. Lewis and Company strengthen the weak positions, provided of course the players are not slipping, owing to neglecting their training, Bethlehem will finish among the also-rans this season, which will be a weak showing considering that this team last season won the National and American Cups, as well as the National League."

Steel Workers Still in the Running
"Bethlehem opponents will find the champions still in the running despite their two successive defeats," ejaculated William Sheridan, pilot of the Steel Workers speaking of the changes of annexing the soccer honors this season. "A break was certain to come and fortunately it did come in league games. I feel that the club will shortly strike its stride and then wade through with a string of consecutive victories that will again bring home the laurels." From his conversation and attitude it was gleaned that Sheridan is anything but disheartened and will make a strenuous effort to whip the team into condition for its next National League start against Merchants on the home lot on Christmas Day afternoon.

Robins Will Invade Lair of St. Louis Clubs
According to reports, negotiations have been closed with the Robins Dry Dock F. C. to invade the home territory of the St. Louis clubs. The trip will be made during the holidays. Bethlehem was usually favored to invade the middle west, but the consistent showing of the Dry Dockers thus far this season has made them the favorites. The team will meet the clubs that in previous years tried conclusions with the champions. It is interesting to note that several former Bethlehem players will make the trip with the Robins and also that each one of these was a former St. Louis player. They include Harry Ratican, considered by many the best center forward in the country, "Bob" Millar, the peer of inside lefts in this country; Neil Clark, who played with Bethlehem two years ago and Jack Lance, who also played for Bethlehem. All these players have played in St. Louis before, therefore, they should be in a position to give their teammates some inside dope on the manner in which the St. Louis teams play the game.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club