The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, December 24, 1928
Hangs Up Fourth Straight Victory Over Hakoah Here But Lost to Giants

Spent by their efforts in the sparkling victory over the New York Hakoah All-Stars on the home lot on Saturday afternoon, still badly crippled Bethlehem soccer team journeyed to New York on Sunday afternoon and was crushed by the Giants by the one-sided score of 6 to 2.

Not only did Bethlehem have to send back into the lineup for the second game of the twin bill a tired team of veterans but a team that was minus the services of Archie Stark, brilliant center forward and Bethlehem's goal-getter. Shortly after the game on Saturday afternoon in which Bethlehem defeated Hakoah by the score of 5 to 2, Stark upon returning to his home was forced to take to his bed because of illness and is still indisposed.

Fourth Straight

With a revamped team, featuring the two veterans Jock Ferguson and Jock Marshall as the fullbacks, changes in the halfback line and a shifting of positions among the forwards, the local booters again humiliated the strong Hakoah All-Stars, hanging up the fourth straight victory over the Jewish organization in the Eastern League campaigning.

Only once was Bethlehem's victory in doubt and that shortly after the restart when Hakoah took the lead but the equalizer was rapidly forthcoming when Jaap notched a goal and then the diminutive and speedy outside wing hooked in the other two goals scored in this half.

Bethlehem got away to an early start and within the first five minutes were leading the New Yorkers two up. Stark, breaking away was carrying the ball through when Fischer left his goal and came 10 yards out of the penalty area where he handed and was guilty of a foul. Stark took the free kick and with a terrific drive swerved the ball high into the far corner of the net for the first counter.

Shortly after the kick-off it was "Bob" MacGregor who caught Fischer, the visitors' goalie, napping when from twenty yards out he shot for the net instead of shoving the ball ahead to his forwards. The drive was good and landed in the meshes.

With a two goal lead and the Bethlehem defense working in harmony with the rest of the team, things looked rosy for a victory but before the half ended the aspect changed materially. Massie paved the way for the first Hakoah goal when he was guilty of a foul quite some distance out. Drucker lobbed the ball to center where McClure batted it down but knocked the sphere directly to Greunwald who headed in.

Just before the half ended, Hakoah broke away and Eisenhoffer taking the parting shot skimmed his drive over the turf. McClure handed but muffed and the ball rolled back into the net.

Encouraged with their success in equalizing Hakoah surprised when in the opening minutes after the kickoff the team swept down the field and McClure was caught napping on Wortmann's long shot from about twenty yards out. This lead was short-lived for with Bethlehem putting on pressure the wide wake Jaap following in on a shot from the right wing knocked down by Fischer, hooked the ball well out of the goalie's reach. From then on Bethlehem's superiority was even more pronounced and two times later Jaap was in position for the parting shot and made no mistake in locating the net.

The game materialized as expected into another one of those vicious fought contests which at times grew quite hot. With the exception of the first twenty minutes of play both teams went through the contest with only ten men in the lineup; Massie and Drucker became engaged in a tangled and after a brief display of fisticuffs both players were hustled off the field. The lineup:

Hakoah -- Bethlehem
Fischer -- G -- McClure
Grosz -- RFB -- Marshall
Gullman -- LFB -- Ferguson
Nicholasburger -- RHB -- Rollo
Drucker -- CHB -- Carnihan
Mahrer -- LHB -- McGregor
Schwartz -- OR - -Campbell
Haeusler -- IR -- Massie
Gruenwald -- CF -- Stark
Wortmann -- IL -- Mulhall
Eisenhoffer -- OL -- Jaap
Goals -- Stark, McGregor, Jaap 3; Gruenwald, Eisenhoffer, Wortman. Substitutions: Sloan for Haeusler. Referee: Howley, Philadelphia. Linesmen -- Williams and Carpenter. Time of halves -- 45 minutes.

Crippled for Sunday

Minus the services of Stark necessitating a revamping of the team, Bethlehem's chances were sadly impaired for the Sunday game but at that would have been able to hold their won only for some weak handling in goal. McClure apparently had an off day for his work as custodian was not near as effective as it has been in the past.

After fielding a make-shift club Bethlehem was further handicapped when early in the opening half John Mulhall dislocated an arm and had to retire. Rollo, playing at halfback, was injected into the forward line and Joe Morrison, recently recruited from the Wanderers to help out the team, was substituted on the halfback line.

Leading at half-time by 3 to 0, the Giants drove in three more goals in the second half, to which Bethlehem responded with two. The New Yorkers were on the top all the way.

After 20 minutes' play the Giants led by Stevens, launched a smashing assault and in attempting to repel it Marshall struck the ball down and the referee awarded the New Yorkers a penalty kick, from which Ted Glover scored the first goal.

Bethlehem played desperately to get even and had a fine chance when Massie got clean through, only to drive his parting shot straight at the goalkeeper who made a wonderful save at short range.

Another great stop by Jock Brown brought a loud cheer, and from the clearance Davie Brown went off like a race horse, down the left wing and bearing in upon the Bethlehem goal, let flay a wicked one, which rested safely in the net, and the Giants were leading by 2 to 0.

Just before half-time, Davie Brown scored another fine goal, the Giants leading at the interval by three clear goals.

Bethlehem uncorked everything they had upon resuming, but could not make any impression upon the sterling defense of the Giants. Andy Stevens made it four straight after 25 minutes. After Molloy a player secured in Bayonne, N. J., had reduced the lead for the Steelworkers, "Red" Ballantyne's and Steven's further tallies crashed in for the Giants.

Just before the end Campbell beat Brown, making the final score 6 to 2.

N. Y. Giants -- Bethlehem
J. Brown -- G -- McClure
Glover -- RFB -- Marshall
Moorehouse -- LFB -- Ferguson
Cameron -- RHB -- Rollo
Herd -- CHB -- Carnihan
McKenney -- LHB -- McGregor
Findlay -- OR -- Campbell
Ballantyne -- IR -- Mulhall
Stevens -- CF -- Massie
O'Brien -- IL -- Molloy
D. Brown -- OL -- Jaap
Goals -- D. Brown 2, Glover, Stevens 2, Ballantyne, Molloy, Campbell. Substitutions: Morrison for Mulhall. Referee -- C. E. Creighton. Linesmen -- E. J. Donaghey and A. Schwartz. Time of halves -- 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club