The Globe -- Bethlehem
December 26, 1922
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Lose National Contest
The soccer world was the recipient of a severe jolt, especially that part of soccerdom located in and around the vicinity of Bethlehem when the Bethlehem F. C. sallied forth to conquer in the most important of the National classics but instead were subdued in the most decisive manner probably experienced by a Bethlehem soccer team since its debut in big league soccer. In spite of the encouraging predictions of Eastern critics, the Bethlehems were eliminated in the National Cup competition in New York on Sunday, losing to the New York F. C. by the score of 4 goals to 1. By defeating the Bethlehem team, the Gotham booters advance one notch nearer the coveted trophy and in their next start in the blue ribbon event of soccer will appear in the fifth round. Bethlehem's one hope is now centered on the American Soccer League pennant, a bunting for which the team at present is up among the contenders for the honors. It is something new for the local aggregation to experience elimination in the cup competitions so early in the season for in years past when elimination was their lot, it was usually in the semi-final or final that the feat was accomplished. All of which proves that the assertions made by Manager Sheridan several weeks ago has proven true that the soccer teams of today are more equally distributed in merit and that the outcome of the games in a great degree depends largely on the breaks in the game. Bethlehem conquered the Gotham booters in the league race but were conquered by the New Yorkers in the more important classic. Likewise is Bethlehem eliminated in the American Cup competition. Fleisher Yarn, of Philadelphia, a team Bethlehem defeated in a league game, returning the compliment with a setback in the cup race.

Not Discouraged With Outcome
Bethlehem may not be fighting in the final of either of the cup competitions this year, but watch them go after the period of reconstruction. That is the attitude of practically every player and those associated with the club who although they keenly feel the sting of being conquered are willing to bide their time until the once great machine is again developed. It is admitted that the Bethlehems are lacing in strength in a few positions and once these have been bolstered up local fans can again expect bringing home the bacon. Other teams that heretofore were very strong are undergoing similar experiences, most important of which are Fall River and J & P Coats, of Pawtucket, R. I. Under the circumstances, probably too much was expected of the Bethlehem F. C. this season and for that season the disappointment of elimination in the two cup contests is so great. However, it is rather expecting a bit too much for a newly organized team, a squad of players brought together mostly all as strangers, unfamiliar with each others style of play, and then step out and bring home the greatest honors available. Thus far the team has not emerged from the experimental stage and the campaigning this season should give the management an excellent opportunity of sizing up the defects in the machine and make changes accordingly. It is going to take more than one season to develop a squad equal in merit and understanding as the old Bethlehem machine which brought home to Bethlehem many honors.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club