The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Friday, December 28, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

The Best in the League
In the opinion of the Philadelphia soccer fans, Bethlehem certainly was generous when the club transferred Hugh Reid, big Irish fullback, to the City of Brotherly Love, in its effort to assist in placing a representative team in that city. Generous because, in their opinion, Hugh ranks as one of the best fullbacks in the Eastern Soccer League. Commenting on his ability , the following expert on the Christmas Day melee is clipped from one of the Philadelphia papers: "Hughie Reid proved some thorn in the Christmas Day games against his pals from Steelopolis. Reid gave his best display of the season, and that's saying a mouthful, as Hughie is without a doubt one of the best backs in the Eastern League. That was some shot Reid put in scoring the only goal for the "Cents." McClure, the Bethlehem goalie, and Rollo, a fullback, looked mesmerized when the ball landed in the net. Its speed was simply dazzling."

Welcome Any Time
Reid can warm his feet at the stove of the Bethlehem team any time and it's probable that the local management has often wished that the big Irishman was back in the local outfit. The former Bethlehem fullback was not transferred because he lacked capability and as a matter of fact neither were any of the other players who were shipped along with Reid. However, at the time Bethlehem was well fortified with reserves and had at its command possibly a bigger squad of players than any other soccer club in the East. At the outbreak of the soccer war, the local club became interested in the new league and in its efforts to assist in developing the new organization let many of its players go. While Reid was a very likable chap, an excellent player and popular with his teammates, he is no doubt happier in Philadelphia for when here he chafed under idleness but as a star of the Phillies is a vital asset in the lineup every time the team starts.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club