The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Friday, December 28, 1928
Pledges Support to United States Football Association to Fullest Extent.

Rumors regarding the attitude adopted by the Federation Internationale de Football Association towards the soccer war now raging in this country between the United States Football Association and the outlawed American Soccer League, have had the international body appointing a commission to investigate the entire situation, and this at the behest of the American Soccer League.

These rumors have been definitely set at rest through a communication received yesterday in the offices of the United States Football Association in which the F. I. F. A. states that it stands steadily behind the national association and will support it to the fullest extent.

Another communication from Scotland also approves the action taken by the United States Football Association in the issue with the recalcitrant league and assures the U. S. F. A. of the wholehearted support of the Scottish Football Association in all matters of this character. Other statements have been received from various national associations, all running in the same vein and supporting the U. S. F. A. in its stand against the outlawed professional group. This means that the new American Soccer Association, of which the American Soccer League is the nucleus, will not be recognized either nationally or internationally.

The official support accorded the U. S. F. A. by the International Federation and the British Association is a serious blow to the American Soccer League, as its sphere of activities must, perforce, be confined within the limits of the newly formed American Soccer Association. Players engaging in the new association are classed as outlaws and their services are not available for clubs in organized soccer in the future unless furnished with a clean bill of health by the United States Football Association.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club