The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Saturday, December 29, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Pledge Support to National Body
All bodies affiliated with the United States Football Association will shortly receive a communication from headquarters presenting the attitude of foreign soccer bodies in regard to the controversy in this country. Rumor that the American Soccer League and its promoters in its plan to organize a national association to conflict with the U. S. F. A. would be welcomed into the good graces of the Federation Internationale de Football Association are refuted in letters received by Sec. Thomas W. Cahill, of the national body, copies of which he is sending to all organizations associated with the U. S. F. A. In regard to the recognition of the suspension of players engaging in American Soccer League soccer Mr. Cahill is in receipt of the following letter from F. J. Wall, secretary of the English Football League: "I have received letters of 10th of November which shall have consideration. In the meantime I confirm the principal of reciprocity as between your association and ourselves on these matters." A communication from the Federation Internationale de Football Association refutes the statements being made that the F. I. F. A. intends to appoint a commission to investigate the affairs of the United States Football Association. This letter reads: "With regard to the troubles in your country you need have no doubt that the F. I. F. A. stands behind you and will support you."

Licked at Every Turn
Thus far it would seem that the national body and the newly formed Eastern Soccer League have emerged on top in all arguments. Legal action taken in filing injunctions to restrain players from participating with Eastern Soccer League clubs have been dismissed, which in reality is a moral victory for the new soccer organization and the U. S. F. A. Two of these injunctions were brought in New York, one by representatives of the Brooklyn Wanderers and the other by the New York Nationals. The players involved played and will continue playing in the new circuit. Now with sentiment from foreign associations pledging support to the U. S. F. A., the rival faction has been beaten at every turn in waging warfare.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club