The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, December 30, 1919
Four Round American Cup Match Here Saturday a Vital Contest

Bethlehem Steel will meet Federal Ship F. C. on Bethlehem Steel field on Saturday in the fourth round of the American Cup. Bethlehem held this cup for four successive years and is determined to make it five straight. However, they realize that the opposition is keener this year than ever before and with such strong clubs as Robins Dry Dock, New York F. C., Erie A. A. and Paterson F. C. still in the running, there will be some mighty interesting contests before the season closes.

The local management announces that t here will be one or two changes in the local line-up and in all probability Tore Sundberg, the great Swede forward, will make his initial debut as a member of the Bethlehem Club. Sundberg is working out regularly with the champions and is displaying the same ability that made him a dangerous man in the games against the Steel Workers in Sweden.

Duncan, the Bethlehem goalkeeper has often had an easy time defending the citadel, but in the last few games he has been tested to the limit and proved beyond a doubt that he is the most finished goalkeeper playing the game. His masterful handling of several difficult shots on Saturday instilled confidence in his teammates which had a lot to do with the victory.

Tommy Murray performed in great style in the position so long and ably held by Captain Campbell and his heading and placing to the forwards was an inspiration to the other two halfbacks, who also gave a good account of themselves, Morrison at right halfback being particularly prominent in his placing to the forwards. He kept the ball low and seldom wasted a pass.

Tommy Harris, one of the newcomers, who is playing center, has been unfortunate in several of his shots in recent games and with an average break in the luck should be among the leading scorers of the year when the statistics are compiled.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club