The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
December 30, 1927
League Champions Will Compete First Round National Cup Competition in Philadelphia

The Centennial F. C. of Philadelphia a team that quite recently defeated the Bethlehem Wanderers in a game played here, will be the first round opponent of the Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club, American League champions, in the National Cup competition. The pairing for the first round was made at a meeting of the United States Football Association, directing that the first round games be disposed of on or before January 14 and 15.

The Centennials the only team remaining in the Quaker City eligible to compete in the cup competition, have the choice of grounds, which means that the Steelmen will make their first appearance of the season in Philadelphia. In noting the draw local soccer fans are wondering whether the fate of the pairing will again decree that all the cup games must be played away from home.

The Centennial F. C. is the only Quaker City team to survive the early competition. It is the first half champion of the National League special division series and, more than likely will meet in Bethlehem Steel a team that will win the first half championship of the American Soccer League season. It will be the first time that the big professional clubs of the American Soccer League figure in the competition this season.

The pairings were made with the Western and Eastern Divisions having their respective sections all to themselves. This has been in vogue for several years on account of it eliminating quite a lot of traveling and expense.

However as the competition is played on the lose and out plan the winners of the Western and Eastern divisions meet in the final round for the Challenge Cup, emblematic of the soccer champions of the United States.

Fall River, of Fall River, Mass., is the present holder of the trophy. The New Englanders have won it several times but the record is held by Bethlehem Steel, who have had their names engraved on the cup more times than all other teams combined.

Originally 117 teams from the Eastern seacoast to the Mississippi Valley entered the tournament last September, but by process of elimination the field has been reduced to 32, equally divided in Eastern and Western divisions.

The draw, with games scheduled on the grounds of the first named club, follows:

Western Division

Morgan Haulers F. C., of St. Louis, vs. Buds A. A. F. C., of Harvey, Ill.

Canadian S. C., of Chicago, vs. Tabbers F. C., of St. Louis.

American Hungarian F. C., of Cleveland vs. Wellston F. C., of St. Louis.

Garwood F. C., of Detroit, vs. Bricklayers F. C., of Chicago.

Following games to be decided on January 21 or 22; Ben Miller F. C., of St. Louis, vs. Swedish American A. C., of Detroit.

Walkerville F. C., of Detroit, vs. Holly Carburetor F. C., of Detroit.

Vienna F. C., of Chicago vs. Thistle F. C., of Chicago.

Sparta A. and S. A., of Chicago, vs. Olympia F. C., of Chicago.

Eastern Division

Boston S. C., of Boston, Mass., vs. Whittall Carpet Mills F. C., of Worcester, Mass.

New Bedford F. C., of New Bedford, Mass., vs. J & P Coats A. A. F. C., of Pawtucket, R. I.

Fall River F. C., of Fall River, Mass., vs. Mackenzies A. F. C., of Niagara Falls, N. Y.

Providence A. F. C., of Providence, R. I., vs. Danersk F. C., of Stamford, Conn.

New York Nationals S. C., of New York City, vs. I. R. T. Celtic F. C., of New York City.

Brooklyn Wanderers F. C., of Brooklyn, N. Y., vs. Trenton F. C., of Trenton, N. J.

Newark S. C., of Newark, N. J., vs. New York Giants S. C., of New York City.

Centennial A. C., of Philadelphia, vs. Bethlehem Steel S. C., of Bethlehem.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club