The Globe -- Bethlehem
December 31, 1920
Year End Wrap-Up

[non-soccer items deleted]

10 -- At Bethlehem -- Bethlehem Steel soccer team eliminated Federal Ship F. C. in the 4th round American Cup, 5 goals to none.

17 -- At Bethlehem -- Steel Workers defeated Morse eleven in National League game, 5 goals to 0

19 -- Trip to Brazil for Bethlehem Soccer team arranged

20 -- At Bethlehem -- Steel Workers eliminated Wanderers, of Philadelphia, in National Cup by overwhelming score of 10 to 0.

27 -- At Harrison, N. J. -- Bethlehem Steel defeated Erie F. C. in the American Cup semifinal, 5 goals to 1.

3 -- Bethlehem Steel soccer team eliminated in National Cup competition by Robins Dry Docks, score 2 to 1.

10 -- At Brooklyn -- Steel Workers and Morse Dry Docks play scoreless tie in National League game.

1 -- At Harrison, N. J. -- Robins Dry Docks eliminate Bethlehem Steel in American Cup competition. Tommy Murray, Bethlehem payer, gave Robins victory by accidentally driving ball into own net.

15 -- At Bethlehem -- Bethlehem soccer team defeated Erie F. C., 4 to 0 in National League game.

22 -- At Bethlehem -- The Steel Workers, eliminated in the National and American Cups by Robins Dry Dock, scored sweet revenge by defeating the Brooklyn aggregation in National League game, [...] goals to 1.

At Brooklyn -- By defeating Robins Dry Docks, 2 goals to 0, Bethlehem Steel annexed the National League soccer title.

10 -- At Newark, N. J. -- National Soccer League reorganized with Bethlehem Steel a member.

3 -- Bethlehem Steel Soccer players started practice for proposed trip to Brazil late in August.

13 -- Bethlehem Steel soccer team left for New York to set sail for Brazil.

14 -- Soccer trip to Brazil called off. Steel Workers notified when about to board the steamship Viatris to set sail.

3 -- Bethlehem Steel Soccer team started training for season.

18 -- At Philadelphia -- Opening soccer season, the Steel Workers defeated Disston in a National League game, 3 goals to 1.

25 -- At Brooklyn -- The Steel Workers defeated Robins Dry Docks in a National League game, 1 goal to none.

2 -- At Bethlehem -- Federal F. C., of New York, were easy victims for the Steel Workers, losing 5 goals to none.

9 -- At Kearney, N. J. -- Erie A. A. soccer team lost to the Steel Workers, 3 goals to 2.

16 -- At Bethlehem -- North Ends eliminated in National Cup competition, 6 to 0.

16 -- At Philadelphia -- Hibernians eliminated in National Cup competition by Steel Workers, 6 goals to 1.

30 -- At New York -- The Bethlehem F. C. and New York F. C. played a 1-1 soccer tie in a National League game.

6 -- At Harrison, N. J. -- Erie F. C. springs big surprise by eliminating Bethlehem Steel in National Cup competition, 4 goals to 3.

20 -- At Bethlehem -- The Steel Workers defeated Paterson F. C., in National League game, 3 goals to none.

4 -- At Philadelphia -- Dobson F. C. and Steel Workers play tie game in second round American Cup

11 -- At Bethlehem -- Dobson F. C. eliminated in American Cup by the Steel Workers, 5 goals to none.

17 -- At Bethlehem -- Bethlehem Steel eliminated Hibernians in fourth round American Cup, 3 goals to none.

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