The Globe -- Bethlehem
December 31, 1924
With Goldie Back In Game and With Team In Second Place

Bethlehem Steel's chances in the American Soccer League race which now enters on the last lap assume a still much brighter aspect with the announcement made today that Malcolm Goldie, the brilliant outside left, will return to the game after a month's absence, due to an injury and will be in his position for the tilt against Indiana Flooring on the Steel field on Thursday afternoon (New Year Day). The matinee glide will give Goldie an opportunity to again acclimate himself to the position in preparing for invasion of Fall River to this city on Saturday. In the practice this week Goldie seemed none the worse for his experience at Fall River, where he sustained a severely injured back.

With the return of Goldie the chief concern of the management is now what players to play. Excellently fortified in every department with players of practically equal merit the selection of the lineup is not going to be an easy task. However it assures the club plenty of fresh talent when the double-header season approaches.

Robertson, a halfback, who capably filled in at the position at outside left, will return to his regular berth and together with Carnihan and MacGregor will give the team a veteran halfback line. The form displayed by Johnny Rollo, inside forward, and George Forrest, an outside right, as been most encouraging. This duo flanking Archie Stark at center forward seems to increased the scoring power of the front liners and at least relieve Stark of the close attention he is given by opposing backs. Both are fast and elusive, clever in manipulating the ball with good control, and have proven deadly shots in the recent games played.

With Rollo and Forrest to be relied upon for any game the Steel Workers are now well fortified with front liners having in addition the veterans Maxwell, Granger and Turner. The halfbacks are equally well fortified with no less than five players . These include besides Robertson, Carnihan and MacGregor, "Bob" Terris, recovering from an injured leg and the clever "Whitey" McDonald.

The fullbacks, which comprise the invincible Johnny Young, recognized by many as the best back in the league; the veteran "Jock" Ferguson and his brother Davy, give the team a good defense, while in Carson and Highfield the club has a pair of consistent and good goalkeepers.

The Steel Workers seem to have struck their stride in the last two games against Newark and will no doubt make it interesting when Indiana Flooring comes here on Thursday afternoon. However, the latter team since their last appearance in Bethlehem have likewise made several new acquisitions which have strengthened the club. This became apparent when Indiana took the measure of the "Wonder Team" of Boston, played Saturday a week. Most prominent of the new men are Johnny MacFarland [McFarlane?], until very recently a Bethlehemite, who, chafing under prolonged idleness, was granted his release upon request and joined the New Yorkers. On Thursday MacFarlane [McFarlane] will play against the team with which he was for a long time associated. Another former Bethlehemite is Johnny Coxe, [Cox?] a forward who has greatly strengthened the scoring power of the front-liners.

The kick-off for the matinee tilt will be promptly at 2:30 o'clock with G. Walders, of Philadelphia, the referee.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club