Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
December 31, 1929
The following is a edited version of a year-end wrap-up article.


5 - Bethlehem soccer team subdues I. R. T. Rangers, Paterson, N. J., 8-1.
12 - Bethlehem soccer team trims Newark F. C. in New York by 5 to 4.
19 - Bethlehem soccer team conquers the New York Giants here, 3 to 1.
20 - Bethlehem soccer team in New York triumphs over the New York Giants, 4-2.


3 - Bethlehem soccer team advances to second round of the National Challenge Cup competition by defeating Canton F. C., at Baltimore, 5 to 0.
16 - Bethlehem soccer team advances to third round of the National Challenge Cup competition by winning from Walsh-Chevrolet, Fall River, here, 5 to 1.
23 - Bethlehem soccer team beats Hungarian F. C., 3 to 2.


3 - Bethlehem soccer team ties the New York Giants, at Brooklyn, 2 to 2.
9 - Bethlehem eliminated in semi-final round, Eastern division, National Challenge cup competition, by New York Giants, 6 to 3.
24 - Bethlehem soccer team is defeated by New Bedford, 2 to 1.

13 - Bethlehem soccer team and Hakoah All-Stars draw at 2 goals.
20 - Bethlehem soccer team wins from New York Giants, 3 to 1.
21 - Bethlehem soccer team tumbles I. R. T. Rangers, at Patterson, 4 to 2.
28 - Bethlehem soccer team draws with New Bedford on the latter's loam at one goal.


4 - Bethlehem Steel vanquishes Hakoah, 2-0
11 - Bethlehem Steel wins over New York Giants and Newark in weekend battles.


5 - Bethlehem Steel soccer players banqueted at hotel Bethlehem as reward for fine season.
6 - A number of Bethlehem Steel soccer players sign contracts for next season.
8 - Bethlehem Steel soccerites defeat Preston North Ends of England in New York match but lose to Providence in weekend bill.
16 - Bethlehem Steel loses to New York Giants in final game, 2-0 in final round of New York State competition.


9 - Tommy Gillespie, Bethlehem Steel outside right, turns down offer to return to Scotland and signs contract here. 18 - Colonel G. R. Manning, of New York City, is named Soccer Commissioner for Eastern United States.


1 - Bethlehem Steel soccer team's visit to Mexico in September is definitely canceled.
16 - Steel League forced to leave Lehigh Field in search of another because of approaching soccer season.
21 - Fred Pepper, noted official, resigns from Lehigh Valley Soccer League.
24 - Bethlehem Steel opens season by beating Hungaria F. C., 5-3, at home.


9 - Alex Dick, an inside forward recently arrived in America, signed to play with the Bethlehem soccer team. Bethlehem soccer team had an auspicious start, defeating New York Giants and Newark Portuguese in the opening games. Bethlehem won each game by the score of 2 to 1.
15 - Bethlehem soccer team put the skids under Hakoah All-Stars, winning the game played here, 2 to 0.
22 - Bethlehem Steel soccer team won two games over the weekend, defeating Newark Portuguese 4 to 0 and Newark F. C., 5 to 3.
28 - Bethlehem soccer team won easily from Newark F. C., by a score of 4 to 1.


12 - In Eastern Soccer League games Bethlehem had a good weekend, defeating Victoria-Hungarians and Brooklyn Rangers, 3 to 1 and 4 to 1, respectively. 14 - James Easton, president of the Lehigh Valley Soccer League, was elected first vice president of the Eastern District Football Association.
19 - Bethlehem soccer team was surprised when held by Hispano team to a one goal draw.
26 - In an exhibition game at Fall River, Bethlehem's soccer team lost to the Marksmen, 5 to 2.


2 - Newark Portuguese and Bethlehem Steel shared the points in an Eastern Soccer League game played here. The score was 3 all. 5 - In an exhibition game played at Brooklyn the Bethlehem team defeated the Wanderers by the score of 2 to 1.
9 - New York Nationals came to Bethlehem and defeated the Bethlehem soccer team by the score of 3 to 2.
11 - Tom Fraser, former first division Scottish League goalie, was signed by the Bethlehem team.
16 - Bethlehem's soccer team displayed plenty of class in defeating Providence in a league game, 2 to 1.
23 - In games against Fall River and the Brooklyn Wanderers over the weekend the Bethlehem soccer team lost to the former team and drew with Brooklyn.
30 - Bethlehem soccer team defeated New Bedford, 2 to 1.


8 - Bethlehem defeated Pawtucket in a soccer league game, 3 to 1.
25 - In a Christmas Day game the Bethlehem soccer team lost to the New York Giants, 4 to 2.
28 - Avenging their Christmas Day defeat, Bethlehem soccer team won from the New York Giants, 9 to 2 and on Sunday defeated the Hakoah All-Stars, 4 to 0.

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